Lincoln Center Light

Sosie kimono/ crop top/ necklace, H&M skirt, Bloch ballet flats, Sienna Ray bag, Chan Luu wrap bracelet, Free People sunglasses)

My weekend so far has been so spontaneous and fun. Dylana is in NYC for the weekend and we’ve been running around the city, subwaying up and down Manhattan, always ending up at a destination with amazing food. I am so happy she decided to coach it here from Philly. We haven’t seen each other in weeks! We are so close and talk just about everyday, but nothing is better than getting to meet up in person on the east coast. I don’t know what I’d do without her! Anyways, here I am photographed out by the Lincoln Center, just a short walk from Central Park. The sun was setting and so we got some amazing back light, my favorite type! In New York, I’m all about light layers. Weather was surprisingly good and didn’t feel as humid as it has been, and so I went with a few pieces from my newest sponsor, Sosie! I’m pretty obsessed with throwing this little Sosie floral kimono over just about everything pastel in my wardrobe. Paired with my tiniest lace top and a denim button up skirt that greatly resembles what moms in America work in the early 90s (but 10x cooler), my first day back in New York look is complete.

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  1. Lucija says:

    This could easily look so old, but the lace and the shirt make it look cool! I would love to see some heels with this look, but I think it looks great this way, too.


  2. EIGHT LONDON says:

    I’m off to check out Sosie’s stuff now.I’m a huge kimono fan too, just posted photos from my weekend spent wandering dreamily around Oxford. Sounds like you had a blissful time in NYC!

  3. Norbyah says:

    i LOVE your floral kimono. so elegant, but casual at the same time. i can’t believe that skirt is H&M, it looks vintage! got to go look for myself.

    i know what you mean about missing your sister. my two sisters live in NYC and i don’t get to see them as much as i’d like. they’re coming on friday and i can’t wait to hang out with them….

  4. Liz Quach says:

    Love the Sosie top and kimono! Congrats on getting them as a sponsor! They have really great things. I’m glad you and your sister got to spend time with each other! I miss my family in VA now that I live in Philly. I regret that I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. =[


  5. Kathleen says:

    aww Nat, you look lovely! i adore the denim skirt with those light layers, very summery chic. glad you’re having fun in NYC!! def have been loving all the photos. and seriously am coveting your kimono top!

    <3, Kathleen.

  6. Nikki says:

    WAUW! I love this look 🙂 Mostely the accessoiries! you have the most amazing collection 🙂 and I remember you’ve been to Barcelona! I remember seeing the photos on Dylana’s blog 🙂 much better than mine, haha ^^ x


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