Laguna Beach Playdate

(By Corpus jacket, Volcom swimsuit (bottoms are Posso x Volcom, Chan Luu bracelet, Milor Italy ring, Ax + Apple necklace)

I spent a lovely day at Laguna Beach with one of my favorite California girls, Raych of Thats Chic! It was one of the highlights of my weekend back home. We sat in traffic, using obscene language to scream out the window, blasted the radio, and let the windows down. We had typical California girl time by the water. I love letting loose with this girl! We frolicked along the sand and thanks to the gloomy light, snapped some beautiful photos. For this day out, I honestly did not feel like wearing clothes. The valley of LA was hot as hell! I left the house wearing my favorite super duper high waisted Posso x Volcom swimsuit bottom and a basic bandeau. Weather was insanely cool and crisp by the beach though and so I’m pretty happy to have brought this amazing By Corpus cargo jacket along for the ride. I had such a great time, I honestly didn’t care if I got sand glued to the inside of my bikini or if my entire jacket got wet! Of course Raych catches a totally epic snapshot of my butt when I’m bending down and purposefully splashes water in my face so that I laugh dorkishly as she takes a photo. WIDE SMILES WIDE SMILES. I miss her and her amazing energy! (Love you Raych!)

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