The Unexpected Leather Short

Volcom sweater, We Are Rubbish shorts, By Corpus top, Chanel bag, Milor Italy rings, BCBG shoes)

Another look that works well into spring is a great pair of faux leather high waisted shorts with a short crop tee. These photos were shot back at home in LA, but I already plan on sporting this here in NYC. Dylana just left these shorts for me in my bedroom and I can’t stop wearing them! This Volcom sweater, fresh out of the Fall ’11 catalog, is also one of my favorite pieces right now. I happen to throw it on over everything on chilly nights out. I got a sneak peek into all the Fall pieces during my shoot for the web video series, launching on, and let me say, I found some really really cute things that I couldn’t help but keep for myself! The jewels featured here were shipped straight from Italy, from Milor Jewels! I love the black and purple stones. So there you have it, my new must-have outfit. Gaaaah, need. more. cool. shorts. like. these! Thanks dydy!

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  1. Anna says:

    gorgeous outfit! i love your shoes! they’re perfect! where did you get them? i’ve been looking for the perfect low cut black bootie to replace my old pair but haven’t been successful.

  2. Jo.hanna says:

    wow whats that, scrolling 72 comments.blogging pop star. just wanted to say that I just love black leather shorts, brought mine at ebay. high waisted and softy leathered.


  3. Amber says:

    Welll, ms. Natalie,

    I’ve heard so much about your blog, because lately I’ve been reading your sisters blog. I don’t think I’ve ever been here before, but you have such lovely style. I like it!
    And WOW, people probably tell you this a lot, but you have such a striking resemblance to your sister, after seeing her blog and now yours I can totally see the relation….
    Well, you’re both gorgeous!

    I’m not a fan of the faux leather, but these are quite cute! Lovely photos,

    Glad to have finally visited here.

  4. Joey says:

    Ah, bubble tea! I love bubble tea. Can’t find any good ones here in the UK, though. Maybe London, but still not as good as those in Asia.

    I love your outfit. Your Chanel bag is gorgeous!


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