Sending Love to the West Coast

There really is nothing better than getting a group of friends together for an all American weekend barbeque! Being on the east coast and looking at these pictures, taken before I left, definitely makes me miss all my west coast friends and the fun that comes with being in sunny Southern California. I got to spend this awesome day with Raych of That’s Chic, who has become one of my very good friends. We munched on goodies from Joan’s on 3rd while making burgers at my friend’s house in downtown LA. The tamales and grilled artichokes were insanely yummy! I had to post these fun, candid pictures because I love how bold the shots came out. A perfectly sunny Cali day. The colors really popped, especially the orange and blue of both Raych’s and Jenny’s jeans! Gahhh, I miss days like these, especially now that I’m so busy working in the Big Apple. Just kicking back with cold drinks under the sun is totally priceless and I can’t wait for upcoming weekends to do the same! Sending my love over to everyone at home in Cali πŸ™‚

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  1. Ellie Lee says:

    Absolutely in love with your pictures! You have no idea how much I love seeing smiley, happy pictures! Heh.

    BTW; I can’t, can’t can’t come to your blog anymore. Every post is an inspiration! (which is a tug at my wallet!) your style is absolutely amazing; really gorgeous! xx


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