Picnic Pretty

(Hudson Jeans, White + Warren blouse, Urban sandals, Free People sunglasses)

I think I just had one of the best weekends of my life here in New York. My friend Bonnie of Flashes of Style was visiting NYC for the first time and we had the best time! We started off in Williamsburg for a fun little picnic in McCarren Park, gorging on donuts to fulfill our cravings for anything sweet! There, I got to meet a lot of east coast bloggers who came for the meet up. They were all super sweet and have been following my blog for a while. It was nice to meet them face to face! Because it was such a warm day out, I went with one of my simplest looks: skinnies and a slouchy blouse, stacks of my favorite bracelets from home in Cali, and thick cat eye sunnies. I had Bonnie stay with me for the weekend and boy did I show her the real New York (crazy freight elevators, stinky subways, and evening stumbling upon the nastiest cockroach haha!) On a more pleasant note, I took her to Soho for an evening of great shopping and some of New York’s best pizza. With the trains being completely wack on the weekends, we were basically stuck in transit all day long making getting from Williamsburg to Manhattan and back to Brooklyn a complete nightmare! It was like herds of cattle coming off the L train. It was completely exhausting, but a ridiculous amount of fun. I don’t think Bonnie could have experienced a crazier time here in nyc! We ended up staying up late, watching Netflix over chinese takeout and booze, before dozing off and heading out for another day of fun. More photos of our unforgettably crazy weekend to come!

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144 Responses to Picnic Pretty

  1. Caitlin says:

    You look gorgeous & it sounds like you’re having a great time in New York! I love the style of that top and those sandals again.. they’re so playful and summery. cute 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    I love it when neutral colored outfits are paired with bright shoes! Also, your weekend sounds like so much fun.. Really, even the pains of using public transportation become bearable when you’re with lovely company 🙂

  3. RedPoppy says:

    I love your style, and I love your regards to NYC and the west coast! I’ve lived on both and love them both…btw those doughnuts looks scrumptious. x redpoppyfashion.blogspot.com

  4. Anaivilo says:

    She is such a lovely girl! I really love her blog and I wish I could meet her too. I imagine you had a great day despite the crowds and I cannot wait to see more photos 😀

  5. Kaylyn says:

    I was just on Bonnie’s New York post! Sounds like you guys had a such an amazing and fun time, I wish I was there! You’re outfit is so casual and effortless, but it looks so chic! I want to go to NYC so badly!
    Love & Labels

  6. Jules says:

    blogger bestie! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!

    You are seriously such a natural beauty!!
    Keep looking flawless and keep taking over NYC, they ain’t ready for you!!!



  7. Ellie says:

    These photos are fantastic, it looks like such a great time! If you’re ever in the Lower East Side of Manhattan check out Doughnut Plant. You will never eat a normal donut again.


  8. Emily Rose says:

    i was at that meet up! and i wanted to say hi and chat a bit, i love your blog, and i was excited to see you here in ny now. but i just didnt get the chance that day! maybe another time, you seem sweet and down to earth!


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