Rugged Cargo and Stripes

I never take off this MANGO black ring!

Mmmm, Vegetable Korma!

Can’t get enough of metallic nails this season!

Chicken Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. Heavenly.

(White + Warren cashmere sweater and cargo jacket, SOLD Design Lab faux leather pants, Banana Republic boots, Vintage Versace bag)

I had such a wonderful Mother’s Day. I brought my adorable mum with me to pick out a new MANGO outfit for the New York City event on Thursday. She has such great taste and helped me pick out my previous Mango event outfit! It took a bit of time, but we did eventually find the perfect and I must say, the most DREAMY outfit for the event. I’m beyond excited to wear it! For this day out with my hot mama shopping, I went with a very cool rugged White + Warren cargo jacket and super soft cashmere striped sweater. Half casual, half rockstar with the crazy faux leather pants! We ended our evening at a cute little Indian restaurant in Sherman Oaks. We tried out a new place, called “Heart of India” and it was unbelievably delicious. And have you noticed how sweet the waiters are at those restaurants?! I love when they are family owned and totally adorable. I definitely know where I’m getting my curry next time! Until then, I’ve got sooo much to do. I still need to pack for the east coast! I’m extremely excited to see my sister Dylana in Philly after the MANGO New York City event!

MEET ME this Thursday, May 12th, at the MANGO event in NEW YORK CITY! See all details to the event HERE!

173 Responses to Rugged Cargo and Stripes

  1. Make Shift Model says:

    NATBALLS! I’ve neverrr everrr seen you with nail polish on!!! Amazeballs!
    I LOVE THIS…. it made me sad though to see these pants…i had them on while you got ready 🙁 I want you and your pants back in my life!!!!
    You look hotballs! Love you xxxx

  2. Laura says:

    Lovely outfit, love the combination for the leather and cargo jacket and the food look delicious as well! Thank you so much for commenting on my posts means so much! x

  3. Stella says:

    omgg lovinggg your outfit! you look so chic and cool!

    i hope you had a great mother’s day with your mom =]


  4. Shared closet says:

    Hi idol! I’ve ever told you that you and your sister are the prettiest girls in the land? I think a thousand times .. haha WHAT trousers!:O Perfect post again!;)
    xoxox Paula from spain

  5. Anaivilo says:

    Can’t wait to see you wear the outfit 😀 I am sure you will look fabulous 😀 I love you in these leather pants and yes that ring is simply gorgeous! 😀

  6. Laura says:

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful Mothers Day!!!!! Your outfit is fab the casual and rocker vibe is so fun! Loving the Indian food it looks so tasty…

  7. Liana says:

    love this outfit, the top is sort of casual but the leather pants definitely add an edge..and that bag is awesome too!
    i wish i lived in new york so i could attend the mango event, but i hope you have fun! cant wait to see what outfit you’re wearing 🙂

    Fashion Bag 411


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