Weekend Activity: Rolling in the Grass

Forgot to mention: I can fly too.

(H&M tee, Raven jeans, Cole Haan sandals, Free People sunglasses, Vintage hat)
It’s Saturday woohoooo! What does that mean? Throw on a hat, some shades, and just roll around in the grass! hehe! Oh, and jump off a few rocks and do some cartwheels. Life’s so much better this way. But most importantly, this weekend is going to be one big BLOGGER MEET UP! I’m super excited. You know what that means, photoshoot photoshoot photoshoot, 10 cameras on you at once, too many hot people looking hot, and just pure GENIUS. It’s always good fun. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. olsencsajok says:

    Aaaah you gave me a big boost now to go out and just laze about wherever in this beatiful weather, why didn’t i think of that before? hah i dunno..
    but thankyouu Natalie!!:D

    Ps; i adore your Guns n Roses tee ! May i know where’s it from?
    thanks in advance, and have a lovely weekend xoxo

  2. Meritxell. says:

    Muy creatibas tus fotos y mas la foto principal 🙂
    Me gustan asi las jardineras 🙂
    Ese colos de pantalones es muy bonito 🙂 espero encontrar uno parecido 😉
    Te agradeceria muchoq eu te pasaras por mi blog y le e ehcaras un bsitazo y si te gusta pues seguirlo GRACIAS!! 🙂

  3. JT says:

    even when you’re being silly you still look gorgeoussssssss <3

    love you!

    CANT WAIT FOR THE BLOGGER MEET-UP on Sunday! Photos, photos, photos!!!!



  4. C.Key says:

    I always love your posts dear! You are just pretty cool and so lovely. 🙂
    The shirt suits u absolutly good!
    Thumbs up. <3


  5. Stella says:

    haha looks like you’re having a great time while wearing the perfect throw on and have a relaxed day outfit!!
    love the funny pictures!!


  6. Lindsay says:

    i love your rusty colored jeans! you look so carefree and happy, and the outfit definitely has those feelings too. have fun this weekend!



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