Stomping the Streets of Catalunya!

I loved this guy! I couldn’t stop staring and laughing!

I miss Zoey so much!

Wearing: H&M sweater and blouse, SOLD Design Lab Skinny jeans, J. Crew flats, Givenchy bag

Catalan flag

I think this was all I ate…

To the Americas!!


Check out that shadow!

I am obsessed with globes and maps and freaked when I came across this store one night. I think every wall in my house has a map on it!

Photos from my final day in Barcelona. All I can say is, I miss Zoey so so much! I have to thank this amazing girl for everything! We’ve become the best of mates. Also, many thanks to MANGO for the wonderful experience!! Gaahh, Spain was incredible.

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152 Responses to Stomping the Streets of Catalunya!

  1. Absolutely Mrs. K says:

    another casual but oh so stylish outfit. the sweater looks amazing, not only because of that color, but the cut is phenomenal. love the fact that it is short and quirky. but what a combination with that fragile blouse, it looks so romantic. and that green color is just the best. finish it off with simple black leggings and everybody will say: wow, that girl has style.

  2. Julie Iliana says:

    oh, the food looks so amazing. it’s what I first noticed and admired. then, of course, your awesome outfit! love the short sweater over the green blouse. lovely pictures as always!


  3. jamie says:

    looking good! hope you and zooey reunite soon 😉 and from the looks of it, you had soo much fun! what are your other favorite spots besides spain? i’d love to visit there one day 🙂!

  4. Lúcia says:

    Barcelona is a great place, so beautiful and full of life. It’s impossible not to love it. I’ve been there twice now and I would always go back. You pictures are amazinhg, it looks like you’ve had lots of fun!
    Keep doing what you do,

  5. LOIS says:

    I’ve got the same jumper 😀 I wore it too the Mango Event in Berlin. You’ve probably seen the pics on Andy’s Blog 🙂 Spain is so beautiful, Barcelona is my dream city and it’s a place I still have to visit 🙂 Catalans are so proud people ^^ ‘This isn’t Spain, this is Catalunya’ xD
    Love Lois xxx

  6. kelsea says:

    i love the color combination, it’s unlikely but works so well.
    and you win hands down for best model travel diaries every time. you should start filming and make a documentary of all your experiences!!

  7. Clod says:

    just some weeks I’ve been following you and already in love with your blog.
    Moreover, I am Catalan, and I am so haooy when I see someone that likes my country 🙂

    xxx beautiful post!


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