En La Boqueria!


Wearing: Vintage coat, American Apparel shirt, Vintage skirt

La Boqueria Outdoor Market!


I. Like. Eggs.

haha omg there is even a “don’t touch” sign behind me!

What Katie doing con el jamon?

How incredibly cute are these chocolates?!

Taxi Taxi!!

Lunch on the coast! NACHOS!

I spent one afternoon in Barcelona with two of my crazy new pals, Katie (from Australia) and Pat (from Italy)! We met up at a rockin restaurant on the coast for nachos, mussels, and wine. Soon after, we jumped into a cab, drove through Las Ramblas, and eventually ended up at La Boqueria, the outdoor food market. It was incredibly crowded and bustling, making the whole experience that much more fun. I grabbed some yummy chocolate balls. You know those ones that melt in your mouth? Also ended up taking too many pictures in front of the food (I think we pissed off every food stand for touching and posing next to everything!) But La Boqueria is absolutely beautiful. The way the food is displayed is art itself. Totally picture perfect. Everything sold is really fresh and delicious as well. Ended our night out on the town, with me completely passing out. Literally. But I won’t get into that right now! Let’s just say it was long day out with these wild girls and I enjoyed every minute with them. They are two of the craziest, loveliest people I’ve met in Barcelona! I’m going to miss them here in the States waaazaaa!

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108 Responses to En La Boqueria!

  1. Randi says:

    Omg Barcelona is one of my favorite cities and I have eaten at that same restaurant!!!! So delicious! I just got a getaway in my mind enjoying your lovely photos. <3

  2. Absolutely Mrs. K says:

    oh so much fun, and the best part: in a very very stylish way. you always look smashing in a long skirt. the print on that skirt is so adorable. love the combination with the blue blouse, it really pups up. of course i am in love with that gorgeous bag, love the shape, it is not your ordinary big bag, it is just a magnificent bag

  3. Kori says:

    Your post would be perfect for our link up today for Fashion Friday’s. If you want to link up with me, grab the button! Kori xoxo


  4. Polley says:

    wonderful picture! you are very pretty and that outfit too!

    may I ask where is that dress from your banner? I love maxi’s but it’s hard to find ones with long sleeves!

  5. lauraa says:

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I’ve just been reading through yours and gosh I do love your style. How do you manage to look so put-together all the time!? beautiful


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