Volcomunity.com Introductory VIDEO!

I am so excited to announce the launch of the Volcomunity website! It launches this next Monday the 21st, but I wanted to give you all a heads up with my intro video! Ever since I shot my first campaign shoot with Volcom last year, I really got to connect with the brand. Their design team is amazing and I’m head over heels for all their new pieces. We’re talking killer button-ups, gorgeous frocks/maxi dresses, and some of the coolest skinny jeans ever. As their new face, I also have a column on the Volcomunity blog! So so exciting I must say. It’s going to be completely spontaneous and fun. We shot this video up by the Griffith Observatory (one of my absolute favorite places in LA) bright an early one morning. I’m surprised my eyes are open! Getting to be a part of this project is incredible and I cannot wait to get up more posts and work with their videographer on more videos! 🙂 Also contributing to Volcomunity is Jennifer Herrema (singer/Volcom denim designer), the Posso girls (DJ’s/style icons), Savanna Grace (talented young writer), Chelsea Salisbury (Volcom swimwear model hailing from Texas), as well as a column all about our stellar Volcom women athletes. Really a rad group of girls sharing their thoughts on fashion, music, and everything else in between!! Having Dylana as the Volcom social media/blog coordinator has been amazing as well. Volcom has become one big family!

UPDATE: The site launches on Monday, the 21st! Be sure to check back at Volcomunity.com!

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  1. Andrés Corella says:

    Amazing video and you were so charming and funny I really love the last part it was so spontaneous…I think Volcom is very lucky to have you and I am gonna be checking out that launching

    The Black Label

  2. avalonne hall says:

    You are so cute in the video. Very well spoken. When I was interview once on camera, I just froze up. It was awful. You were so natural, you made me smile! I think your style fits you so perfectly!


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