Vogue Girl Korea March ’11 “Pink” Issue!

Here I am in Vogue Girl Korea’s March 2011 “Pink” issue! It’s all about color this spring and so I put together some of my favorite looks using pink: a utilitarian hot pink button up by Calista and a velvet Free People mini dress. Many thanks to Vogue Girl for the wonderful feature! Just a few of us might need a translator hehe!

115 Responses to Vogue Girl Korea March ’11 “Pink” Issue!

  1. Vee says:

    lovely feature! im not really a pink type of person but that outfit you have (with the shirt and the shorts) that is totally awesome! love the outfit!

  2. Liz says:

    Love that feature, love even more tha fact that we were right next to each other!

    Love the pics in the post below, you and your sis are stunners!


  3. CDG says:

    This is such an amazing feature, Vogue Girl Korea is great when I get my hands on it (although I need a translator as well lol.) You look gorgeous and that dress is so cute!

  4. Karin says:

    Pink candy-floss, congrats on the feature. . Gorgeous blog and you have such incredible style panache…I like

    Following now and thank you for the lovely comment xxxx

  5. Absolutely Mrs. K says:

    What I love is the fact that you are showing two completely different looks with pink, the style couldn’t be more divers. I love the very bright shirt, It brightens up your day and it does wonders for your skin. I adore the green jacket, I love army green. Just fabulous the way you have combined it with a very adorable and delicate dress.


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