Outfit Crush

I stumbled upon this image the other day and I am obsessed with it. It’s librarian chic on the bottom (long wool skirt, tights, and ballet flats) yet very 50’s Grease Lightning rockabilly on the top (rocker tee, worn in denim jacket, cat eye sunglasses, and leather gloves). With the gorgeous plum lip, can this outfit get any cooler? A perfect ensemble mixing classic and edgy pieces. I. Want. It.

73 Responses to Outfit Crush

  1. La Petite Anglaise says:

    I could not agree more! This is the kind of look that can only be achieved by those lucky few (and I mean FEW) who posess that rare innate coolness to come up with such interesting style combinations and then pull the whole thing together effortlessly. Who is this mysterious girl? X


  2. paper moon says:

    Love the juxtaposition of dowdy-chic and rocknrolla- I agree completely. Very edgy but original and somehow effortless. I have a similar shade of lipstick- Yves Saint Laurent; I love it. Changes the dimension of any outfit. Thank-you for your comment, really appreciated xx


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