Chains of Love

(H&M tee, Vintage trousers, Cole Haan sandals, Chains of Love bracelet)

The heat we have been having here in California leaves me soo sleepy and lazy. Here I am hanging out on my front porch after a long day out in the sun. Playing around with the different settings of my camera, I ended up with some fun little detailed shots of my Chains of Love bracelet which is so rad that it connects as a ring; a nice big toe thumbs up shot (sorry to all that despise all things feets); as well a random portrait of my possibly half dead? geraniums glistening in the sun. More importantly, it has been warm enough to whip out these bad boys, of which you might remember: the sandals that have gone everywhere with me the last year…from Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and back. I love these babies and am praying they don’t fall apart. I’m still on the prowl for another pair that will treat me just as well as these have. Also, currently sporting the Guns ‘n Roses tee that I refuse to part with no matter how ratty and faded it gets, along with a great pair of French maroon trousers. This is my lazy weekend look… you can never go wrong with loose layers topped off with a big floppy hat!

Also, check out my interview with one of my good friends, Shamime Shaw, here on her new fashion blog: Cloth Culture! There are some photos she took of me a while back as well as some info on my cultural background!

136 Responses to Chains of Love

  1. ediot says:

    you look absolutely amazing natalie.
    the hat is just perfect and you make me wanna cut bangs.
    still can’t get over your header image btw. free people is one of my fav. stores.

    wish you a great week dear

  2. Camilla. says:

    Those trousers are so beautiful, the colour is just gorgeous.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments, they mean so much coming from one of my favorite bloggers 🙂 xx

  3. Todo Moda says:

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  4. crazy pig says:

    the chain is so cool! And so is the t-shirt <3
    I like playing with my camera settings, too, it can surprisingly turn into some interesting shots, sometimes 🙂
    and the photo of flowers is wonderful <3


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