Gahhh, I am so exhausted right now. I have spent the last few days shooting. I pretty much get up extremely early, drive to the shoot, come home after dark, only to get a few minutes on the computer before nearly passing out and starting over the next day. My stupid alarm didn’t even go off this morning, making for one crazy morning. Luckily, I was still on time to the shoot. My week was busy, but sooo much fun! Anyways, it’s Saturday night and I just want to be at home accompanied by a cup of tea and a book. I did want to share with you some images that I love. I’m sure you already know that I dig moody, sensual photos of the goodlooking. These show innocence and vulnerability. Currently on display: beautiful people being well…beautiful?

Image sources: Studded Hearts, Sharon Gong photography, Our Youth

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  1. Lizelisabeth says:

    Hey sweetheart! This is such a great blog!! Will def gonna come back and read some more… ;)) Tanks for your sweet comment dear.. Def follow you. Wish you could drop by and read my new post, and maybe could follow me too..

    hug and kiss kiss,

  2. LOIS says:

    Loving the pictures. Oh Natalie! You have an amazing blog. Your sister talked about your new job, with the blogging. Congratulations! So happy for you guys. I’ll definitely check out the new blog as soon as it launches, but I’ll keep following you and your sis on your private blogs.
    Love Lois

  3. Francesca says:

    awesome pictures. i hate waking up early. i hope those photoshoots are fun for you. the day would go by pretty fast i imagine. love your blog, not sure why i wasn’t following before but now i am!

    F. ( x


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