Too Much Fun Getting Dressed

(Modcloth Sweater, 80’s Purple tee, Vintage skirt and bag, Salvatore Ferragamo flats)

I’ve been playing around with everything in my closet lately trying to keep things fresh. Instead of staying simple like I normally do during the week, I decided to throw a few different prints and textures together. And here you have it, what I came up with. My mom ran into me as I was heading out the door and she was like “wait, you’re going out like that?” and I said “psh YESH” under my breath in an annoyed-out daughter kinda way. It’s such a comfortable look and I can’t wait to wear it again even if it is slightly bagladyoffthestreetwhoforgottolookinthemirrorbeforeleavingthehouse.

As for what I’ve been up to, all I can say is things are crazy busy. I’m working nearly every single day next week. Not complaining by any means, I’m actually pretty excited. I’ve got some modeling and of course some fun blogging relating things going on that I can’t wait to share with you! I have a day off next Saturday, where I’m hoping to spend the day meeting up with all my favorite LA bloggers! It’s always so much fun when we get together because unlike most of my other friends, they LOVE taking pictures and don’t get scared when I whip out the camera. Even though I’ll be out and away from the computer most of the time, I’m going to try my very best to update the blog at night! Adios amigos. For instant updates, just follow me on Twitter! HAPPY WEEKEND!

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159 Responses to Too Much Fun Getting Dressed

  1. shae says:

    I have had the same reaction a couple times by my mom aha. I LOVE the mixed patterns. You made that skirt like gorgeous. You’re such an inspiration!

  2. La Petite Anglaise says:

    in theory this look should be a complete, colour clashing, texture mixing disaster… Yet, you pull it off perfecty. I don’t know whether it’s the effortless bedhead hair, the autumnal palette or just the fact you’re so darned pretty but whatever it is that makes this ensemble quirky-yet-chic rather than just plain wrong, I like it. X

  3. Pardoleta says:

    Thanks for the comment! 😉 I didn’t know your blog and I wonder why coz it’s amazing! I just love the way you mix clothes, so inspiring to me… I’m taking a look around here!

  4. crystal tadvanam says:

    This makes me wonder if animal prints are like some kind of super-neutral that you can mix with other prints…I imagine it’s all in the colors and the contrast. I might take this for a test drive, thanks Natalie!

  5. Kara says:

    I love wearing things that make other people confused.. it’s not typical casual wear, its so much better. It looks so comfy and stylish.. love your bag too! xx

  6. Closet Hound says:

    i know what you mean – my friends are completely camera-shy, with the exception of my boyfriend. He’s such a natural on camera, I’m so jealous.

    And your outfit is so adorable. I love the crop top and long skirt pairing.
    xo Sherrie

  7. Kathleen Carla. says:

    omg i get the saaame thing everytime from my mom, but in addition, my dad! It’s a love-hate relationship with them when it comes to outfits I wear & walk out of the house in. I love the mix of prints, & so excited to hear what’s going on in your busy life! keep up the amazing work that you do girl :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  8. Kristel Louisa says:

    Hey Natalie!

    Wow you look pretty. Love how you mixed those prints and colors. Ha ha, I know exactly what it feels like! I often hold back when it comes to ‘wearing something different and more fashionable’. Actually my mom never complained (well, sort of), but still I don’t know why I was shy to experiment with outfits and show it to her. Oh well. You look fantastic anyway! You’re lovely in flats!


  9. BGirlMarta says:

    Hey, I asked. I assume its own newspaper (I want to see if I can handle it) and I want to put a list of interesting blogs. Can I put the address of your blog and a few words about him? Of course, if you allow, so I ask if I can. I know that first I need to ask the author, haha:) Waiting for your reply.

  10. MADNESSmeForfashion says:

    this is kinda funny i guess
    well, i think u look very good in this outfit..only u the perfect one who can pull it and look great like that..
    love it..
    adore your fashion sense and style so much..


    such a cute look, totally reminds me of 1994 ish Grunge era, the clothes are really quirky It works well for you as you have an amazing figure. I’d love to wear something like this but due to my curves i would look far too bag lady and less fashionista 🙂


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