Retro in Santa Monica

(Vintage coat, Free People sunglasses, Threadsence sweater, SOLD Design Lab jeans, Cole Haan boots)

I love overcast days in Santa Monica. No harsh light, perfect for taking photos. I even got a a laugh outta Dylana, even if it is blurry, I still love that pic! These were taken sometime over the holidays. I honestly cannot keep the days straight anymore! All I know is that is was freezing and everything I had on was slightly retro. Cat eye sunglasses along with a wool vintage coat made for a perfect evening… off duty lol. My sponsors have been awesome and have sent me a ton of pullover sweaters, all of which I wear nearly everyday. This one is from Threadsence and it’s so comfy that I just want to sleep in it, wake up already wearing it, and run out the door. Not a bad idea considering I have to wake up early tomorrow for work. I will be shooting BCBG! The generation line I’m pretty sure. I’m excited to work with such a huge company! I have one day off on Sunday and I’m already thinking of what to do that day. What will you be doing? Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. purse 'n boots says:

    hiiiii mama!!!! as always, im a broken record, and you look amazing. your cute little stick legs and your amazing fringe-y bangs… you. and…..i mean, we live in the same damn city, how have we never had drinks/coffee/hang time?!

    ashley <3


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