An Evening in Relaxation

(J. Crew sweater, Vintage skirt courtesy of Stone Cold Vintage, Banana Republic boots, Delvaux shoulder bag)

These photos were snapped one evening on my front porch after a long day out. The sun was setting and perfectly created a mini glow around my head! As for my outfit, I played around with my boyish and girlish pieces. I paired this wool boyfriend sweater with a one of a kind pleated skirt from the vintage shop Stone Cold Vintage. They are my go-to vintage online store as they have the best designer vintage! I love the bold print of this skirt against a simple gray pullover. This combination brings Prada’s fall collection to mind. Thanks to them, I now see the librarian’s knee-length skirt as chic and sexy. Most girls would probably never wear something this “dated” out, but I love it’s uniqueness. Happy Monday everyone!

Also, don’t forget to check out my feature/interview on Stylesofia! I hope you like it! Simply click on the image below or visit

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115 Responses to An Evening in Relaxation

  1. Marie says:

    the mix of colors on the skirt with the grey simple sweater is perfect!
    i would love to have a pleated skirt like this but made from sheer and little transparent fabric 🙂

  2. Kathleen Carla. says:

    you’ve continued to inspire me, i absolutely LOVE this look. and congrats on the interview at Style Sofia! and aw so sweet your Best Friends are at UCB. def, let me know when you’re in Berkeley! we can hit up thrift stores and pig out in diff restaurants, esp at Cheeseboard for pizza! :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  3. Jane says:

    Honestly, not my favorite outfit, it does look nice on you, but it would look horendous on people who are shorter. Reminds me of grandma. Although the sweater by itself is lovely. (:


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