Through the Fog

(River Island cable knit sweater from ASOS, Vintage Versace shorts, 80%20 ankle boots, H&M parka, Bally bag)

This week has been so busy! I’ve been on so many castings I can’t even count, shot for Joe’s Jeans, and still managed to take a few outfit shots. I’ve gotten to the point where it’s hard for me to even remember what I did the day before, but then I look through my Canon, and I’m like “Oh yeah, that was fun!” Welp, we had a very foggy day here in Los Angeles this week. This type of weather really gets my hair feeling all wet and slimy, not my favorite! I stayed cozy in an amazing wool blend cable knit and a pair of vintage denim shorts. In fear of rain completely upsetting my high-maintenance bangs (i kid), I trampled about town with my giant parka. Overall, it was a beautiful day in an outfit I plan on putting on repeat.

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  1. alannah. says:

    i hope you get all the jobs for the castings youve been going to! thatd be so awesome for you.
    that sweater is such a beautiful & unique knit, i love how its slightly thicker in the middle!
    &what a gorgeous ring youve got! very pretty 🙂 x

  2. Christina says:

    Wow! I’ve got a comment from YOU! *-*
    This is really amazing and I am a little bit proud now. x)
    Thank u so much this is very cool.
    BIG, BIG thanks. <3

    Have a good day babe,
    CK from


  3. Laura Tenshi says:

    Hi, you are Nana’s sister, right? I knew she has a sister that’s model, but I had no idea you also have a blog. Great to see you too, you and your sister are really pretty and stylish.
    Thank you for dropping by, have a lovely weekend.

  4. kenzie says:

    Natalie, your so pretty and cute! You are such a great model, too!

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I’m glad I found yours!


  5. boyunSO says:

    wow, i love your blog and style!!
    i read almost 20 posts of your blog, and i love them all. but sorry that i couldn’t post a comment on that posts.
    anyways, so lovely:D
    thank you for visiting:D

  6. toni - says:

    thanks for your comment dear. Its always kinda cool when big bloggers like you leave a comment 🙂 made my day!
    (though I really doubt you’d read this here under these hundreds of comments :D)
    youre gorgeous. Im following you now and fell in love instantly.

  7. jessica says:

    just looked for the sweater on ASOS and it’s not there anymore. BUMMER cause i love it! oh well, i live in LA too and it probably won’t be so cold & rainy there………… i tend to over-buy sweaters at the first raindrop and never wear them again!

    my vintage collection (new spring stuff!):


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