Rain Rain Go Away!

(Doris Apparel sweater, Issac Mizrahi shirt)

These photos shockingly turned out to look a lot like something you’d see in a J. Crew or Gap catalog. Playful and fun, these snapshots were taken on my front porch. I love the put together, buttoned to the top, collegiate look at the moment! This sheer black top is perfect for layering under a pullover sweater. Right now I am living in this one from Doris Apparel, one of my blog sponsors.

It’s been raining so much here in California the past few days and I haven’t been too enthusiastic about what I wear. Seriously, it has not stopped and it is driving me nuts! I cannot wait till this storm passes. I want it to be safe to drive over 10 mph on the road again aaaaand I want to wear something remotely blog-worthy. Until then, I’m trying to stay dry all while gearing up for the holidays!

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133 Responses to Rain Rain Go Away!

  1. Daisy says:

    These shots are great! They do look like they could be on a catalog! And yes the rain has gotten quite a bit annoying! It’s supposed to stop tomorrow. They say that the sun will finally come out on Thursday! Yay!!! 🙂


  2. simplyhope says:

    First off I LOVE your new header and these pictures are gorgeous! Mann here in Texas we have been having oddly warm weather. I am actually sweating in my winter clothes!! Grrr…but I hope in Cali it clears up!

  3. Lindsay LeBoyer says:

    Love the new header! i was actually just re visiting the FP october catalogue today and drawing some of my favorite looks. I love the layered collar and necklace that your wearing, i’m doing the same in my latest post!


  4. Aney says:

    I love these photos. They’re so playful and you look so cute in the last photo.

    Aw, hope the rain goes away soon so you can shoot some gorgeous photos under the sun.

    Merry Christmas darling and happy holidays! <3


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