Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

It was extremely hard for me to browse these crazy sites online for items I would like to receive for the holidays. Maybe a red Proenza bag or sparkly shirt dress would do? I promise to be good and leave you a bucket of oatmeal raisin chocolate cookies (idk how to make them, but I could try)…oh and throw in a beige mohair cardi along with a velvet maxi skirt, and maybe just maybe you’ll receive a kiss.

(A girl can dream right?)


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  1. says:

    LOL yeah she can dream. That was cute. Man I wish my family would get me items like this, but I always get GCs not that there is anything wrong with that, but my brother refuses to get me one to any place that sells lingerie meaning I mainly get Best Buy gift cards from him…ahhh I do love electronics though.

  2. Katy says:

    Hi Natalie:) wow! those things are also on my wishlist too! I would be really great if someone bought it for me:) I hope your wish come true:) (hope that you’ll get at least one from your wishlist):)


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