Cool and Crisp

(Vintage coat and plaid shirt, Urban sweater, Zara leather pants, Bally bag, Banana Republic shoes)

These next 2 weeks are going to be intense! Final exams as well as shoots are coming up! Juggling both has kept me so busy. I find myself spending every spare minute in the library or at my desk, getting all of my last minute work done. I am so ready for the holiday fun to start! My family and I are already planning our holiday vacation and I can hardly wait! We’re thinking a snowy getaway! It’ll be freezing, but absolutely beautiful.

Here I am wearing a very simple, casual outfit that is perfect for this time of year. It is so chilly in the mornings that I simply layer a plaid button-up blouse under a cable knit sweater along with a great pair of skinny pants. I opted for leather today. They are extra thick n cozy! Before leaving the house, I make sure to grab this classic black coat. It’s vintage, made of 100% Italian wool, and is a great layering piece to keep me warm throughout the day. It’s so chic and has the ability to make any outfit I have on look more pulled together.

Gaah, I want it to be holiday break already!! Tons of work to do till then. I’ll keep you posted chickadees!

Btw, the winner to my $50 Threadsence giveaway is the lovely Kathleen of the blog Inspirafashion, coming from Berkeley, CA! Congrats girl! Happy shopping!!

102 Responses to Cool and Crisp

  1. alannah. says:

    goodluck over the next couple of weeks, they’re going to be fairly stressful but think of all the happy christmas things to come & your fam trip away! what are you studying?
    love that bag, it looks perfect to carrying loads of things that you find yourself needing throughout the day. & those heels/boots go perfectly with them.x

  2. hannah says:

    amazing outfit! i absolutely love the texture. and that purse is gorgeous.

    i can’t wait for holiday break either! i’m in the same boat with school work. not feeling very motivated with all the christmas lights around!

    thanks for your sweet comment! so glad you like the corset – it was super easy to make, you should try it!


  3. Muse and Atlas says:

    I dig this outfit, especially your sweater combo.
    You commented on my fledgling blog a few weeks ago, and I forgot to thank you! Im definitely bookmarking your blog.

    -Alexis at Muse and Atlas


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