Bedroom Eyes

(Stylesofia dress, Free People bralette and cuff)

I am so sleepy! I definitely have those creepy half closed bedroom eyes right now. I’ve been going to bed near 1am every night due to studying, but finally, exams for this week are over. I can breathe! Already thinking of all the fun, non-studying related activities to do this weekend! I just wanna shop, eat, be lazy lol! One more week of school and I’m done with 2 years of college wooo hooo. Next year I’m going to be taking a break b/c work has been taking over my life…not that I’m complaining! I’m signed on to do projects for next year in the blogging/modeling world. 2011 is gonna be a wild ride!

As for my closet, it is exploding with goodness. I can’t really find time to wear or post it yet, but I’m workin on it. Recently, I’ve been finding any excuse to sport a maxi dress despite the cold. This season I have been receiving so many gorgeous ones! Thank you sponsors! This one is by Stylesofia and I am in love with the long, babydoll shape. It’s very different from anything in my closet and is definitely a head turner. The sheer skirt is my favorite part. Black sheer once again wins me over. I tied it all together with a studded leather belt! I used to wear it on my hips as a preteen, but now it fits perfectly high on my waist.

I have a shoot bright and early tomorrow morning. Gonna hit the sack.

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Today’s Mood Board: Red, Browns, and Blacks.

112 Responses to Bedroom Eyes

  1. La Petite Anglaise says:

    Now THIS is how to rock a maxi. Love the semi-sheerness of it, and so divine with bare legs. Great post and you look stunning as per always. 2011 is gonna be crazy! Look forward to hearing about what you get up to. X

  2. ediot says:

    you look great darling. adore the dress
    and the photos are really nice. been wanting to get something just like that.. or a skirt that is see thru- and wear it with another skirt underneath..


  3. Blackswan says:

    my friend who works for a phone company here in Aus showed me the pros and cons between the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 4. Turns out the Samsung won hands down with it’s Android system and cool 1-finger messaging mode. Lucky you!! i so want that phone! hehe

    you look older here, but still amazing no doubt!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  4. Kristen Leotsakou says:

    <3 i think taking a break from college is a really bold move and i admire it. Especially in the path you are following going to college and devoting to it would only keep you back from achieving even more. The question is how did you pursuade your parents to let you do your thing and take a break? I’m asking cause i’m thinking of doing the same in the near future and moving to england to study fashion design. :)))
    lovely photos! So pretty!



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