A Day in the Life of Natalie

(Free People sweater, Cheap Monday Skirt, Melie Bianco bag, Via Spiga boots)

This was such a fun day! I spent the morning at castings, had lunch in Chinatown, and ended the day holiday shopping at the Americana. These type of days are the best and thank goodness my sis Dy and I lugged around our camera because we got some awesome fun shots. I’m wearing a very slouchy Free People sweater with a Cheap Monday skirt. The shoulder bag is Melie Bianco. I wore this same bag, but in pink, in the October Free People catalog! See it here!! I’m in love with the floral print and it’s baby softness. Once I got downtown, I pulled off my heels, and changed into a pair of flat boots. Perfect for running around crazy downtown LA. For night, I swiped on some plum lipstick! The beautiful night lights at the Americana definitely got me in the holiday spirit! Just one of those amazing days trekking around town!

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  1. Amalina says:

    You and your sister look so darn alike! I actually thought the photos above were of you alone and that you’d had an outfit change somewhere in between…or is that really the case? See – I’m still confused! Ha.

  2. JT says:

    my favorite sisters!!

    Love these shots, looks like soo much fun! LOVE your skirt, so pretty just like you!!

    Cant wait to see you!!

    are we hanging tomorrow or friday for lunch?
    ps lets plan our styling outfits for our project in january!!


  3. kelsea says:

    you two are never seen looking less than perfect <3
    and by the way…tell dylana i said she did NOT deserve to be eliminated from the asos thing. these people that are voting have no taste!

  4. Keri says:

    Hey girl! It’s Keri, the girl you met at Anthropologie the other day, I just though I would message you and say it was really nice meeting you, it definitely made working that day a little better. I have been a big fan and a follower for quite some time! Thank you for being a great source of inspiration! Here’s my blog, it’s really nothing special, I just started it as something to keep track of things that inspire me: http://velourspamplemousse.blogspot.com/
    It was nice meeting you again!

  5. Rosa Bueso says:

    I have a blog of art and fashion and today I talk about a great bloggers, every week I will talk about one, and this week I talk about you. I think that you have a fresh style, and I like so much your pictures. So if you want know my blog and follow me press here


    In “Obra” you can see my artwork, what do you think about it?

  6. Claudia Paola. says:

    I love your blue bag (I actually like the blue one better than the pink one! ) I also like your slouchy Free People sweater- I love their slouchy things- they go with everything, and they’re super comfy. I’m wearing my oversized Free People sweatshirt and it’s the only thing that can manage to keep me warm at the moment (it’s freezing here!) *_*

    Thank you for visiting my blog 😀 I’m so pleased you enjoyed my Florence post. I did have a really great time- Florence is such a beautiful, historic city full of culture, and even though it is only an hour away, it is SO different from Rome (where I live)! I can’t wait to get back!

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  7. Cindy says:

    FreePeople tweeted that that sweater was seen on Taylor Swift! But I think you wore it much better. I’ve been wanting to buy it forever! But theres not many stores in Canada and my mother won’t let me buy online. 🙁



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