For the Moody

I’m currently tucked under my covers, laptop on lap, browsing through the giant load of photos packed into an folder that desperately needs to be saved on a disc or something before my computer explodes. Here are my picks for the day. I cannot get enough of these images. A mix of moody, complicated, real, beautiful, raw photos. Feast your eyes on this honeybunches!

Daria’s home. Pamela’s locks. Serge and Jane. Lara Stone. Biker babe. Sparkles. Freedom. Jane Goodall. Simplicity at it’s best. Top hats. A barefaced Dree. The not so perfect perfect side braid.

Image sources: The Fashion Spot, Stockholm Street Style, Our Youth

63 Responses to For the Moody

  1. Kathleen Carla. says:

    i’m really loving all of the photos! they are all truly inspiring, I do the same thing – save photos from online and now they’re piling up in my computer lol. and answering ur Q before, my major is Psych. What’s yours?

    Keep inspiring girl <3.

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. Silvia_C says:

    thanks so much, you are very sweet dear! I’d looove to have you as a follower! Do you by any chance know where they sell the jacket in the second picture? The one with birds one? I adore it, if you do let me know on my blog please…!!! XD hope to hear from you soon!!

  3. Vicky and Juno says:

    Natalie, you don’t know how much we love your blog, we followed you for months but we forget to follow u from this blog and we still don’t believe you have found us and you put a comment!! We are excited!!!! 😀

    We would be thrilled that you follow our blog and once you could send us some pictures of your street style to put it on our blog, because we really love your style.

    Good luck with your blog and we wish you do as well as now and better!
    Hugs from some excited fans!


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