Big. Bad. Bra.

(Free People Bralette, Vintage blouse, Hudson Jeans)
One look that I’ve always loved is a fitted corset over a rugged tee. Instead of an actual corset, I recently got these bralettes from Free People that I find myself throwing on over sheer button-ups. There was a lot of this going on while shooting at the Free People studio in Philly. I definitely got inspired to try it out on my own! This one is one of my faves, but I got an array of colors. People did glance at my strangely at the grocery store… I mean, I am wearing a bra OVER my top, not something you see everyday. But I love the look, it’s something different to spruce up my boring old blouses.

Besides my little obsession with all things bra, things have been so crazy. Life’s been throwing me little surprises everyday. All I can say is I’m going to be working on some projects for the next coming year that I cannot wait to share with you all! It’s hard keeping so much to myself! But stay put, I’ve got a giveaway coming your way!

One more thing: tomorrow is my birthday. Yikes. Turning the big 2.0. Currently enjoying my last day as a teen! I feel so old already though, so I’m not THAT excited. But I have to admit, I’m pretty excited to devour some carrot cake and dance around the house like a mad person. Yep, I’m weird.

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  1. says:

    Being in Cali I would not find what you are wearing strange. It actually looks more like a vest and makes for a very edgy type of look. In the mean time 20 haha congrats I remember that I’m 25 now just wait someday you’ll be 25 think that’s old when it’s not my brothers rag on me for saying I’m old, but it’s fun to do it because it makes them feel old 😉

  2. Jess says:

    Wow I love your blog, thanks for the comment. The bra top is lovely! The contrast with the top is so simple & elegant. Absolutely stunning. Screw the people at the grocery store.

  3. cellar door says:

    That look is great. With that bra top, it opens a world of new options in your closet. People will get used to it soon enough. Ive had weird looks wearing the sheer slips over bottoms too. Whats wrong with people!?

  4. the chirpy bird says:

    Happy birthday you gorgeous thing you! So glad you stopped past my blog today so that I could discover yours.. Have been having loads of fun going through all of your archives!
    Sending lots of birthday wishes and yummy cake your way!
    xox tash

  5. Jing Pei says:

    Beautiful outfit. I’ve been looking for a blouse just like that. It’s so pretty and feminine! I just found your blog through modcloth, and wow it’s amazing! Also, I really like those ads you have in the side. I’m not usually a fan of those, but I’m always looking for new stores with more affordable items, and I can’t wait to look through their selections! 😉 Thank you!


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