(Storets jacket, Stylesofia top, Hudson Jeans, Banana Republic shoes, Vintage bag)

I live in an older Victorian home here in SoCal and it is always soooo chilly. Envious of those w/ extremely cozy homes lol! Even around the house, I’m bundled in clothes. Let’s just say I’ve got a wool throw wrapped around my legs, grandpa style, while typing this. But thank goodness for all things shearling. I love how the aviator looks is back. I’ve been seeing them everywhere! From runways to editorials to the streets. I received this one from Storets and it is so snug and warm! It even gives off an awesome icankickyourass kinda look. Casual and chic with a striped top and my favorite Hudson skinny jeans. Not bad eh?

Are ya’ll ready for Thanksgiving? I’m stoked! We’re doing it a bit differently this time. We’ve nixed boring ol’ turkey so there will be tamales, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry pie, you name it, cooking in my house and I can hardly wait. Things have finally calmed down for me, giving me more time at home for the rest of this week! Friends and family are in town as well. It’s refreshing to see some old faces. Awkward moments due to major time gaps are just inevitable. But who cares? Make the best of your holiday weekend! xoxo

inspirAAtiooonnn. enjoy.

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  1. Daisy says:

    I just love your look natalie! You’re super duper!! 😀 Ooooh tamales sound great! Were planning on making those for December. Idk what is but i feel excited!!! lol


  2. Sophi says:

    That looks like the coziest jacket ever! What an awesome piece 🙂

    And a turkey-less thanksgiving sounds just fine to me! It always seems like too much food and hassle for the payoff, really.

  3. alannah. says:

    when i first read the title of your post i was like ah okay, & then i scrolled down & i was like yes definitely! you actually look soooo aviator-ish.. if that makes sense.
    loving those jeans they look fantastic.
    so glad its warming up here, i reallllly dislike winter!
    hope you have a fantastic thanksgiving your food sounds delish.

  4. Verónica says:

    Thanks for comment in my blog.
    I’m a newborn blogger jaja!

    I really love your looks and blog!
    I’m going follow it!

    I’m not very good in english, so I don’t understand all what you say, but most of it yes!


  5. sincerely, says:

    i love this look! your hair looks fantastic. it’s always so healthy and wispy looking:)

    why i am just now finding out that banana republic makes fantastic shoes?!

    beautiful as always! great inspiration pics:)

    sincerely, M



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