Stevie Style

(Vintage top and hat, Free People skirt)

Stevie Nicks has always been an inspiration to me. First off, I looove her sultry, husky voice. She also had really cool bohemian style…always rockin floppy hats, vintage tops, and maxi skirts. She has inspired me to whip out my best boho/stevie inspired outfit: vintage blouse paired with a floral skirt. Fun and crazy (the 60’s Picnik setting helps too hehe). Now I just need some back up to “Edge of Seventeen,” my fave Stevie song!

Besides my desire to be the next Stevie lol, I’m currently ecstatic that the weekend has finally arrived. This week has been insane. I’ve been busy running around town for school, work, and meetings. All in all, it was fun! But I am soo ready to sleep in. Next week, I’m going to be off to Philadelphia, working more Free People! I am stoked! LOVE LOVE LOVE Philly. and gotta love the cheese steak sandwiches! Will for sure take some photos. I promise to pack lightly!

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Btw, a lot of you have requested images of my wardrobe. Here is just a sneak peek into my top fall picks:

Btw, remember the outfit I wore with my Naya shoes here? If you liked it, vote for me on the Naya Shoes Facebook page, one of my favorite eco-friendly shoe labels! By entering, you have a chance to win a pair of Naya’s! Thanks! I’ll love you forever!

117 Responses to Stevie Style

  1. Anna says:

    wow dear, you look absolutely stunning.
    And the pictures of your clothes and shoes are SO inspiring to me. It’s always so much fun to see how people organize their clothes.

    Kisses – Anna

  2. Cylia says:

    hey Natalie:)

    thanks for your comment! really appreciate it. Yep! I love my shoes.. best shoes I ever bought..! I really love how you have vintage and designer clothes mixed together:) I think, in about 2 years I’ll probably be close to having a similar wardrobe:) Im really craving for more expensive clothes.. because of the quality!

    p.s. I just posted an outfit post with my new boots!:) (it’s inspired by an outfit from Hanneli)

    have a great week!


  3. Tilly says:

    You really remind me of a dreamy hippy from the sixties! Everything about you is just beautiful!

    I’m sad the blouse is vintage though sighhhh…the best things are ha ha! X

  4. leeselooks says:

    UM, you are her girl!

    pure gorgeousness.

    YAY for philly – wishing you could pop in nyc too!!! bring Dy.

    loved your Freepeople work + Volcom! you are one beautiful lady.

    hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead.

    sending heaps of love


  5. Daisy says:

    I love Stevie Nicks, well actually Fleetwood Mac my favorite songs are Dreams and Gypsy. I love love love your outfit, and your posts are always very interesting. Nice to see your wardrobe…wish mine looked like that…lol. Your shoes definitely kick major ass!

  6. Teresa says:

    Love this outfit! What I like the most is the combinations between the body con mini with the white, kinda innocent blouse!


    P.S.: Come by my blog whenever you want and leave you’re opinion. X)

  7. Blackswan says:

    you’ve done it YET AGAIN!! this whole ensemble is perfect! and your blouse is oh-so darling! loving the choice of lipstick here too!

    and btw, your sister finally shared with us your nationality! wow! 1/2 chinese, 1/4 mexican and 1/4 spanish! now that’s a mix. You two are both beautiful!

    come drop by for a visit,

    WONDERFUL dress, such a brilliant wardrobe staple! and YOUR HEELS are too cool. I love the Mary Jane feel to them!

    looking forward to the Bebe photos!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  8. Kate says:

    I randomly stumbled across your blog only to realize you’re Dylana’s sister – I have seen you on her blog & didn’t realize you had a blog of your own! You are absolutely gorgeous, and have amazing style – loving this look particularly! Following you through bloglovin, now!


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