I love…

Cable Knit sweaters. Overcast foggy weather. Lazy days. Ocean air. Messy Waves. See through Leopard. Bold red lips. Woven Cardigans. Everything I love for fall, photographed beautifully.

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  1. La Petite Anglaise says:

    You’ve just summed up everything that makes autumn so magical in one perfect post! Beautiful images and all I want to do now is wrap myself up in chunky knits and frolic on some barren heath. X


  2. fashionslap says:

    Yay for cable knits. They are my favorite never go out of style sweaters and so cozy. I just got a new one from Tulle that I love actually. Very soft, but pretty delicate so I have to be careful not to snag it. but that’s okay I normally lounge in it.

  3. Lo says:

    Gracias por tu comentario.
    Acabo de ver tu blog y me encanta, tu estilo, las imágenes, todo!
    También adoro el vintage!

    Te sigo!. Y que sigas teniendo éxito con tu blog 😉

  4. DIANA DYE says:

    I love this mini inspiration!! They inspire me way too much! I live in LA and you got this horrendous heat-wave (nothing wrong with nice sunny days here in cali but this was beyond the beyond!! Hahaha!) so after 2 dreaded weeks fresh misty air cloudy mornings that only make it that much harder to get out of bed but hey lifes life………….-Amazing Photos!♥


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