Gloomy Days

It has been so gloomy these past couple of days. The weather has been making everything weird. The sky is gray and all colors look a little faded. Not exactly my favorite time to take outdoor photos. I kind of just want to curl up with a good book or movie. Being the hibernating hermit I feel like right now lol, I decided to put together a little collage. Just a little gloomy weekend inspiration. I love every single photo here!
Leopard and smudged eyeliner. Red Hair. Menswear. Rustic Browns. And a little sunshine…we definitely need some of that.

54 Responses to Gloomy Days

  1. La Petite Anglaise says:

    Inspiring collection of images. The whole thing has a stark beauty to it that fits these overcast days just perfectly. I loathe this grim weather too, but it does give you a prime excuse to curl up in bed with Gossip Girl and a cup of tea, guilt-free! X

  2. Brown and Cappuccino says:

    nice inspiration 🙂

    I want to invite you to visit my blog and see the video that I did about the city where I work and study. I love to share with the international bloggers, images and videos of my country. Hope you like it.

    Kiss from Portugal***

    Brown and Cappuccino*

  3. Kb says:

    Great photos, I love the checked shirt. I’ve been dressing a bit gloomily today in my black maxi and leather jacket, but should maybe introduce some more muted shades.


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