Striped Out





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(StyleSofia shirt and ring, Vintage shorts and belt, Cole Haan boots)

I kind of feel like my elementary school self with a messy side braid, bold horizontal stripes, and light washed denim. Bringing it all back, but in a different way. I never thought stripes and sheer could work, but Stylesofia proved me wrong with their new shirt. It’s quite the perfect combination! And these slide on Cole Haan boots are my favorite right now. They’re so comfortable and look good with everything. I see myself living in them for the rest of this Fall!

Speaking of which, I have so much going on this semester. Exams are already coming up this week! Working and school has kinda thrown my schedule all over the place, but I’m enjoying being busy. I’m working on time management and I’ve been keeping together so far. This past week I’ve been shooting Volcom Spring/Summer 2011! I pretty much got to frolick on the beach all day in really cool laidback looks. We’re going to finish up shooting this week. They’re one of my favorite brands to work with. So low key and fun! I’m in their latest catalog right now, but still haven’t got my hands on a copy yet! Once I do, I’ll try to get some images up for ya’ll.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend! So nice to get a day off to do absolutely nothing right? But we all gotta get back to work sometime! Thought I’d throw in a little inspiration 🙂

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99 Responses to Striped Out

  1. Blackswan says:

    you have an amazing smile, should show it more often! hehe this outfit is styled to the tee as always and the mesh insert is quite something! LOVE

    My CRYSTALISED GIVEAWAY is now open – if you happen to like raw crystals and charm bracelets, i think you may like it indeed! come by and enter!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  2. Prad Savania says:

    Hello, how’s it going? Wow, great post and BlogSpot indeed!

    Love Heels??

    You should definitely check out my shoe design BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn too! I am hoping that my illustrations will help me get a foot into the footwear designing industry! Take care x

  3. Julie Ling says:

    the outfit is simply drop dead, honestly you pulled off that combination so easily. I am in complete envy of your black stripped shirt, it is extremely cool .

    thank you so much for the comment!did you participate in fashion’s night out in your city? your blog is chic, and I am going to follow it now <33



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