Guns n’ Roses

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I’m currently obsessed with collecting rocker tees. My favorite right now is this Guns n’ Roses one that I stumbled upon at H&M while in New York. They happen to be one of my favorite rock bands as well. I wanted to feel comfortable so I paired it with a pair of loose gray trousers. I’ve also been sporting this Native American cuff, by Free People, just about everyday now. As you probably already know, I will be in their October catalog. It looks fantastic, I’m super duper excited! Sign up early for the catalogs HERE so that you get a copy in the mail! Speaking of which, Free People is launching a new Vintage Loves line that will be hitting the web in about a week! Here’s a sneak peek video of the new line just for you, featuring the Free People girls over in Philadelphia! There’s a lot of cool leather fringed pieces, rugged denim, and amazing embroidered shoulder bags. All vintage inspired…can’t wait to see them out in stores!

And some inspiration for ya’llll. Gotta love Erin Wasson’s Texas charm, Jessica Hart’s New York grunge looks, and Bambi’s Australian beauty! Three beautiful ladies with incredible personal style!

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106 Responses to Guns n’ Roses

  1. leeselooks says:


    gosh, girl you rock it out.

    i agree, i have a slight obsession with them
    they are perfection to me.
    give me a good vintage t and my favorite jeans and i am one happy camper! ( can’t wait for cooler temps… 😉 )

    can’t wait to see the FREE PEOPLE lookbook!
    they are lucky to have you

    hope all is well back in cali – sending you heaps of love


  2. WC says:

    bambi looks like a female leonardo de caprio and your pants/outfit is the shit… you look awesome and i feel like u got a new camera?? the picture quality is sensational keep it up

  3. Ana says:

    You’re blog is amazing! And I really love your Guns’n’roses tee. I wish you’re having an awesome trip with your sister, you’re both beautiful and your blogs AMAZING! Greetings from Spain 🙂
    estoy borracho

  4. DIANA DYE says:

    Brilliant post!!! am so getting this catalog, I can wait to see you hun♥ I know you will look as chic sprinkled with a little mystery like you always do…..And thanks for sharing this amazing video and this wonderful inspiration I love Erin Wasson she a charmer love her!! This a perfect post to end this great week thanks Doll!

    Take care and have a blast this weekend♥

  5. Melissa says:

    I, too, just posted about rocker tees; namely, wearing a shirt of a band you actually love, and here you’re all over it! You’re certainly rockin’ it, and it looks great!


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