Shred It to Bits

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My latest obsession: this shredded Storets sweater! It’s so cool, super easy to wear, and light enough for late summer nights. Don’t mine my nasty dirty hair. These photos were snapped after a day of shooting for WWD. I was so beat and it definitely shows! The cross necklace is Forever 21, one of my absolute favorite places to shop thanks to their incredibly cute designs and affordable prices. It’s hard not to walk out of that store without buying something!

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Btw, my Forever 21 feature is officially launched on the homepage! Click and check out the whole feature 🙂 It was awesome visiting the Forever 21 headquarters downtown and getting to play around with their pieces and create my own looks!

It’s been a crazy week with shooting, seeing a show over at the Troubador with friends, and working on booking flights for a really cool project I’ll be doing next month! Can’t wait to share it with you guys! But do you know what’s really insane? I’m shooting a Virgin Mobile commercial next week! I’m nervous, excited, and kind of scared all at the same time! Wish me luck!

138 Responses to Shred It to Bits

  1. Juliane says:

    I love your blog it is really nice!
    Your style is fantastic, I love it!
    I will of course follow your blog!

    You are welcome to take a look at my blog (if you want?)

    / / Juliane

  2. ANN says:

    Congrats on your feature! I went on the Forever 2 site a few days ago and when I saw that I was like, HEY that’s Natalie! Haha. I love your sweater and boots 🙂

  3. Wttwotc says:

    you are really pretty. when i arrived I thought “this girl should be a model” and then I read your description. of course. you have a pretty special beautiful face 🙂

  4. bysophiedk says:

    I love your blog and your style!! 🙂 I’m following you now. And thanks for the comment at my blog! 😉 I’ll add a gagdet to translate it to english!! :))

    – Sophie

    (sorry my bad english!!)

  5. Hayley says:

    Love your outfit – especially the jumper 🙂
    And what you’re wearing for the f21 feature is amazing!
    Love your blog, can’t believe I haven’t found it before – following now! xx

  6. caylee says:

    amazing sweater, and jeans and boots too! the perfect casual outfit. you look 10 feet tall too!

    you have so many amazing things going on right now. can’t wait to see the commercial, and find out your good news!


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