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This past weekend, I took a drive to Ventura Beach. It’s such a relaxed beach, I love it! It was the perfect day: clear skies and really warm weather. So incredibly beautiful! Another thing I love about the beach? How it is totally cool to walk around with an exposed midriff! This vintage crop top is one of my favorite things ever because it’s so unique with the lace sleeves and shoulders. I haven’t been shopping in so long, so I decided to hit the thrift stores. The Ventura thrift shops are so much fun to browse. They are all in a row next to one another which makes things a lot easier! I bought a few button-ups and cool high waisted denim shorts which I’ll be living in this summer. And oooo, remember the little fashion collaboration I did? It is for Forever 21 and is being launched on their website tomorrow! I’m excited to see it!

For now, check out my interview with Fashion Jinx HERE!

100 Responses to Seaside

  1. Nicole says:


    i thought i would let you know i saw you on the style stalker blog in their dress and you might want to add it to your features roll 🙂

    beautiful shots.


  2. htbui says:

    found you on! “favorite wedges” if you ‘heart’ my shoes … give me a ‘heart’ for weardrobes shoe contest! =) thank you!! btw love the photos!!

  3. Ashley says:

    Saw your feature on Forever 21! Amazing. Love this post as well, crop tops are my fear but I want to try em out so bad. Maybe the next time I head out to the beach, I’ll try it! haha

  4. caylee says:

    just saw your f21 feature – right on the front page! congrats!
    i love your pretty little top here. it’s so true; the beach is really one of the only places where you can get away with wearing a crop top!

  5. t.g.s says:

    midriffs are so in right now!
    well in sydney they are haha
    love midriffs
    wore them heaps in summer
    but it’s winter here right now and it is freezing!
    i miss the beach sooo much


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