Enjoy the Little Things

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With the earthquakes, erupting volcano, and economic recession, I’m beginning to sense an end of the world, “2012 the movie”, vibe. Just kidding. But in times like these, I look to the days where livin is easy. A comforting All-American day. . . whether it be surfing on a cloudy morning, riding your bike inside the house, sitting on the hood of your car, or just hanging with your buds. . . enjoy the little things.

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  1. Ms. Givens says:

    I like to live as if something is going to change this world that gets uglier by the day.
    I feel like maybe the signs are there and we shouldn’t ignore them.
    Maybe the same evil angel that wanted Adam & Eve to ignore God’s commands wants us also to ignore things and live in the moment. That is his plan but maybe we should have a different one just in case.
    Maybe we should be on guard instead of taking it easy.

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  3. shibuu says:

    I agree with you! We must live without thinking too much of consequences…
    I don’t know what will happen in 2012, maybe nothing, but in the meantime let’s enjoy life and what will be, will be 🙂
    Anyway I love your blog, very nice and interesting!I’ll follow it!


  4. ¶ Michelle says:

    when one worries, more worries than a chain reaction occurs, but I think one should calm down, then the rest will (: just like your post – enjoy the little things that mean the most. If people think the world is coming to an end then we should go to the next person near us and kiss them! heheh

    LÉS Mm


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