She Comes Out at Night

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One of my all time favorite shows from Fashion Week was Proenza Schouler. I loved the dark sheer accents on the clothing along with the dark purple, almost black, lipstick that really contrasted with the models skin tone. Exactly what a girl who only comes out at night would look like. Dark, mysterious, but oh so cool.

Speaking of a girl who would only come out at night! Here’s a candid of me, shot by photographer Rj Shaughnessy. This photo was taken before I left for holiday in Asia.Cannot believe how pale I was. I have a feeling my slight tan from my recent vacation will be fading. Anywho, I’m kinda diggin the vampy result of my portrait. Now I just need some of that Proenza Schouler lipstick and run out into the night.

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  1. coy colleen says:

    perfect fall looks. i love that the collection really played on what’s considered to be girly items like the babydoll dressed and undone hair & makeup but that lipstick really brought it all together.

  2. anchiru says:

    I love that collection,Proenza Schouler always my fav . brand, they always came out with a new style but it’s good. and I love the lipstick soo bad but look like it’s not good if I’m wear that, consider my skin is not really white . lovely post and have a great days :))
    ps : you still look damn good even though you look pale :Db

  3. Valencia Lia says:

    Super in love with the whole collection:) The dark purple lips just fit perfectly with everything. I think dark plum lips are really cool too!

    And the candid shot of you! Girl,what are you talking about? You look so stunning:)

    You got to get Jooks shoes,they are super comfy heee Just a tip:when you buy them,got to get them one size down your own size. heee

  4. renatah says:

    the lips are fantastic! any idea what lipstick will achieve the same colour? i’ve been looking for one but they’re all wrong!
    anyway, you look fantastic in the bottom picture. And I’m much paler than you!

  5. rebecca says:

    i love the dark lips. reminds me that i have a black cherry color lipstick i haven’t worn in a while. i think i am inspired to wear it this saturday night. thank you. 🙂

  6. 'Lee says:

    I actually hadn’t seen the collection until now,and I love that black dress with the sheer areas, it’s simplistic but has that bit of edge.

    Theory of a fashion victim

  7. leeselooks says:

    natalie. you have most gorgeous skin !

    love the stark contrasts here, and yes a swipe of that lipstick in this shot would be INSANE.


    ps- totally agree w/ the clubmasters…. ah sunglasses in general. i am obsessed. on my list ! a classic shape in light tortoise. perfect for the spring/summer….


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