Jump Suit Jump!

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Jumpsuit: Mango, Shoes: Via Spiga

I scored this MNG jumpsuit during my stay in Malaysia. I love it’s slouchy, trouser-y feel. A blouse and trouser thrown into one. It’s easy, I like pieces that are just throw it on and go go go. Coolness guaranteed. I’m loving Jade Green nails as well. It’s sort of an instant mood lifter too lol! And thank you Canon for giving me some clear, crisp snapshots :)) Still trying to get a hang of the darn thing! I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far. I’ve just been driving all over the place, hitting traffic, and getting back to reading more novels in my down time. It’s hot and sunny here, perfect “reading on the porch” weather!

Anywhoooo, here are two awesome illustrations sent to me by two really amazing artists. It must have taken so much time and effort. I really, really appreciate it girls, thank you!

This one is illustrated by Carmo, blogger and artist of Carmo Avant Chanel! Hailing all the way from Lisbon, she shows some raw, natural talent by getting down even the smallest details on paper!
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Annnddd the picture below was illustrated by Jessi Attenborough from the Netherlands! Visit her Blog as well as Photography! She has an incredible eye and captures images in such a way that leaves a bit to the imagination while still getting the message across. Plus, the girl can draw!!

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112 Responses to Jump Suit Jump!

  1. B a la Moda says:

    I have a jumpsuit like this. It i so comfortable and an easy piece to wear. I am loving your sandals. I was thinking that may be you want to exchange links with me. Just let me know if you want to. 😉

    B* a la Moda

  2. The Owl's Closet says:

    love ur jumpsuit! wish i could pull off this look, but i’m a bit too short for jumpsuits:( thank goodness for rompers lol!:) these bloggers are truly talented! love these illustrations!


  3. DIANA DYE says:

    Wow!! Doll you look amazing like always!!
    Black is one of my favorite color it really is , I think I’ve told you many of the reasons why I love black right? well they still remain the same.
    I love your messy yet put together hair very long like a princes and so feminine I love the funky nail polish it’s amazing and the unique jewelry.
    Incredible shoes, they make the outfit look even better if that’s even possible…I don’t think so lol!!!!
    Oh doll am listening to the “Pixies” and enjoying your splendid blog!!
    Hey did you read an article – “TANGENT MAG” published on your amazing style and incredible blog?…….I Hope you did, you totally deserve it lo!
    Well darling take care love you always Dye♥

  4. ciarachamberlain says:

    Hey, I love your blog. I actually was wondering, if you had the time, if you could e-mail me. I have a few questions regarding how you got into modeling and your advice for a girl (me) who is interested in doing the same. My e-mail address is ciarachamberlain@yahoo.com. Hopefully, I can hear from you soon. Thanks and keep up the lovely blogging!

  5. A and A says:

    both of these artists are incredible.. diverse and different yet equally inspiring.

    love this style jumpsuit…. incredible flattering.

    be well.
    Love from San Francisco.


  6. Lady chic says:

    Congratulations four your blog… I love your style. These sandals are marvellous..!! Do you know that buckles are one of the trends for next winter? I’ve bought a pair of stilettos by Spanish designer Paco Gil with this adornment and I’m so happy… Do you know him? You can find all his collection at Shoespanish.com.

  7. Lady chic says:

    I love your look. I also have a pair of sandals with buckles by the Spanish brand Paco Gil. Its one of my favourites. Do you know it? You can see all its collection at Shoespanish.com.

  8. Posh Alert says:

    gorgeous! luv jumpsuit so much..u bought it from malaysia?? Gosh, I’m here all my life.. shud get 1 soon fr MNG tho I’m months behind..sob sob. I really admire ur blog even at a 1st glance;-)Bravo!


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