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Blazer: Ramona West Vintage, Tights: We Love Colors

Bring on the Prepsterness! I’ve grown to love the colored tights over at We Love Colors, especially in this dark “Charcoal” hue. I felt like wearing them with nothing but a big, boxy, double-breasted blazer from Ramona West, as a dress. As well as the hugest ring I could find in my jewelry dish. Super simple.

And man, I think I sneezed about a gazillion times this past week! It’s been windy, and I think the weather change has got my sinuses all effed up. And of course, I was shooting in Orange County a few times this week. . . thank you Santa Ana winds! So yes, this week consisted of photoshoots and now that I have a free day, I’m thinking of hitting the movies!! Excited, Excited. I must see The Runaways!

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  1. anne says:

    “boxy…but good” hahaha, quoting some 80s dudley moore movie. love the blazer, a look i don’t attempt to pull off. the winds were crazy last week! i felt like i was gonna get blown away :O

  2. ShoesForDessert says:

    This is going to sound childish, but I can’t believe you stopped by my blog! HA! I find you to be so beautiful and such a fashion icon (on Chictopia), and YOU stopped by MY silly little blog! Such a compliment 🙂

    I love the blazer, and all your other outfits below. I am now officially a follower

  3. Dina-Dyorre says:

    THIS. <3
    so much. It honestly stuns me how beautiful you are, every time I pay you a visit.

    And also, I’m about to cry with embarrassment and frustration right now, because there have been some month-long postal strikes where I live so they might not have even sent out the Lula yet :((( You honestly can’t understand how sorry I am, please let me know when/if you get it. Really, really upset by my own stupidity right now 🙁


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