Shout Out Loud!

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Here are just a few shots from the Rebel Yell summer 2010 collection. All photos shot by photographer, Zoey Grossman!

I love the bright colors, hair flipping moves, and smokey eye makeup! We had the best time shooting in studio. I am lusting over the graphic tees, super soft hoodies and stacked on bracelets!

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  1. Valencia Lia says:

    Natalie you look so beautiful! I’m going to save all these photos in my computer as I really do love them:)

    The smokey eye makeup and those glasses in the last photo really suits you well! Surely seems like lots of fun,and stacked on bracelets. Huge fave of mine.

    the hair flipping shot is just gorgeous,but I’m dying to get my hands on the cardigan you’re wearing in the 2nd photo!

  2. DIANA DYE says:

    You’re a Babe!! you look extremely amazing so young and feminine and soooo indie! am in love! I think I did tell you before that I had a serious obsession with your blog! no am joking well mmmmm I just really love your blog it’s so inspiring and so fun and witty and whimsical! I love the hair and girl you know how to work it you look extremely chic with that smoky eye look!! you are amazing I will miss you on your trip to Asia but I hope you have fun and learn al lot about! am missing you already have a brilliant evening darling!!


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