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Dress: H&M

So I just bought this dress at H&M down at the South Coast Plaza. Was a fun little drive out of LA. I know almost everyone and their mom’s have seen and at least tried on one of these fuzzy little creatures from H&M and either love it or hate it. It was 50% off, so I had to get it! And it keeps me incredibly warm. I should be shopping for summery clothes since I’ll be in Asia next month, but this dress was super cheap! Perfect for the holidays… and as a gorilla costume for next Halloween! hahaahha i’m not kidding. (i’ll get a better pic of the dress next time i wear it!)

And I did go to the Revolve Party this weekend, bringing my sister along. The store is amazing and really nice. I got to meet up with the other LA bloggers from the shoot( Tiffany Borland and Olivia Lopez), and the whole Revolve crew. Also, I finally got to meet up with Anna Bu, model and blogger from Germany! She is here for a few months for modeling which is so exciting. She’s so down to earth and has incredible vintage style. Check out her blog! Sorry I didn’t take pictures, it was raining cats and dogs so I completely forgot and was just trying to get there in one piece. People here drive horribly in the rain, I tell ya!

xoxo, Natalie

63 Responses to Fuzzy

  1. O'Style says:

    Hey beutiful you look so wonderful in the lookbook, I loved and I also saw the making off!

    By the way you are very similar to another blogger from Los Angeles. She looks pretty much like you. Maybe she is your relative.

    mwwas beautiful girrrl!

  2. JT says:

    Ahhh! Been wanting that dress forever- looks dope on you!!!

    I missed the party last saturday..i didnt want to get ready because of the rain!!! ugh! Glad you had fun!!!
    maybe next time!

    btw, love your haaaaaaaaaiiiir and style, its perfection!




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