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Silk Blouse: Vintage, Furry Vest: Forever 21, Trousers: Bebe, Belt: Vintage, Booties: Stefane Kelian, Sunglasses: Chloe

How amazing are these Chloe sunnies?! The perfect little piece that really made the whole look that much better. Since my face is quite small, they are really oversize and that’s what I love about them! Also, I am currently wearing this faux fur vest over just about anything. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to get my hands on one of these things! I love it so much! Fur & big sunnies equals crazy cool. I was all ready to celebrate the holidays this season! Speaking of which, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. Mine was filled with yummy food, time with the family, and sitting through lots and lots of great movies! I loved it! The holidays still aren’t over, we’ve still got New Years! Enjoy the best time of the year! 🙂

I made another collage as well! I love the lighting in all these photographs, so beautiful!

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xoxo, Natalie

134 Responses to Behind the Lens

  1. A and A says:

    Natalie…. I have been looking at these photos with mouth open in awe… sooo perfect.
    A tribute to all my favorite looks. This has to be my favorite look to date.

    xx lots of love from SF

  2. Talita says:

    hello Natalie, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog 😀
    wow I looove your furry vest ! you’re just so cool ! And you’ve met Robert Pattinson ? OMG I’m jealous !
    Keep it up girl ! I’m following your blog now. you’re just so cool !

  3. leeselooks says:

    my gosh girl!
    you are stunning.

    ah and your chloe’s pure beautifulness.
    + the faux fur. 70’s chic in the best way possible.

    i hope you’re having a glorious holiday season.

    sending love + wishes


  4. Panda says:

    Hi there! 🙂
    I Love your outfit! Its gorgeous, and I love that sweater! Hope you had a brilliant christmas, and thank yew so so much for your comment on my last post.
    Panda xx
    *follows your blog*
    Oh and i just saw the photo of you and Robert Patterson. LUCKY!!

  5. novita irene says:

    uhm, hello. actually i just want to say hello directly through this comment. I’ve read your blog for ages, but didn’t have any courage to comment, since you’re so cool. well, call me lame or whatever. but i really thank you for commenting on my blog (i don’t mind if you forget, i still thank you)..:DD

    btw, always love your style. and the lighting in all those photographs you’ve made into collage, are just perfect.

    okay, since this comment seems to be so long, i’ll cut it. i will comment later. happy holidays.

  6. Ligeia says:

    I so adore the vest. I still have to get one for myself but I never seem to find the right one

    Glad you enjoyed Xmas with your family 🙂

    By the way, I’ve just seen you have a photo with Rob Pattison! My godness, you’re a Hollywood girl heheh

    thanks for stopping by missy <3

  7. ほし says:

    Hey, wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog! You should definitely visit Stonehenge…at first it’s a bit underwhelming, but then when you realize the magnitude of it all (that it’s not just Stonehenge, but you’re actually surrounded by as yet to be excavated ruins) it’s pretty amazing.

    And, love the clothes. I’m seriously liking your shoes and guts to pull off the pleated pants!

  8. michelle_ says:

    this is a lovely outfit combination !
    i love ur fur vest . and i agree that perfect sunnies totally can make an outfit look better.. i always wear sunnies when im outside .. my raybans are always in my purse 😀

    lovely blog post 😀
    thanks for the lovely comments for the blogger interview post.. hope you liked it ..
    Hugs et Kisses.. Michelle @
    glistersANDblisters . blogspot . com

  9. MollyCake says:

    so so good– love this whole outfit. what i wouldn’t give for a couple more inches to be able to wear cropped trousers… lucky duck you are!

    ALSO your revolve shoot is bonkers! bananas! amazings!

  10. Valencia Lia says:

    This is such a beautiful outfit!! How do you pull it off each time girl?? heeeee

    Those oversized sunnies are stunning. I always love love oversize shades,you look great in them.

    And the furry vest,I want it! Darn it,now I regret not getting one for myself from forver21. Was this the one you wanted to get the previous time?

    Gorgeous wedges too:)


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