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Blazer: Vintage, Dress: Free People, Boots: Cole Haan, Ring: Elena Cruz

Jewelry Designer, Elena Cruz from Barcelona, Spain sent me this beautiful sterling silver ring. Handmade with love by Elena Cruz herself! I love its vintage feel and the gorgeous rose design. It’s so unique and pretty, I am definitely going to be wearing this daily! I just want to thank Elena for making this for me, it’s a very special piece that I will keep forever. “Handmade=Heartmade” indeed! Her work is amazing. She makes beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings! All can be seen on her blog!

Also, check out my Style Guide for PONY RYDER from New York!! Just a few looks I put together with my own clothes that contain the” must-have” pieces for winter! It was so fun putting together these looks and I’m so happy Pony Ryder (one of my favorite fashion blogs) loved it! Check it out!

So there is soo much I want to put into this post! I won’t have too much time to post tomorrow due to work so I’m doing it all now! lol

The lovely blogger of BY THE GIRL, Ida all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark contacted me to do an interview. She is so sweet and I’ve been a follower of her blog from the very start. She has great personal style and I love her taste in music. She had some great questions to ask me so read it HERE!

Woowwee, that was a lot for one post! Oh, and I just have to update you guys on the Revolve shoot. It was so much fun putting together looks using all of Revolves’ amazing clothes! The photos were very teen vogue, very quirky but cool, and I cannot wait to see the results. They will be up online soon, in about 2 weeks!!

I am exhausted right now, and have work tomorrow. Will be hitting the sack! Night!

xoxo, Natalie

75 Responses to I heart ELENA CRUZ

  1. Valencia Lia says:

    Its such a gorgeous ring she made you!! So precious and I love that its handmade:)

    love love the red blazer and green dress here! And you love so stunning always.

    Ohhhh,congrats to all the features and also I can’t wait to see photos from your photo shoot <3

    big hugssss

  2. Francheska says:

    checked out the interview! its great! I really do hope you´ll have the opportunity to record sometime because you have an amazing voice and hereby i would like to request another video of you singing????! 🙂 x

  3. Gabriela says:

    Love the ring! Seems to me that Elena Cruz is very talented indeed. I never heard of his jewelery before,so it is always good to meet such a talented designer. Thaks for posting your style guide it’s awesome. Have fun at work!, xo!
    P.S Can’t wait to see the photos from the revolve shoot.

  4. Hanna Grandin says:

    I love your style. It’s unique in the best way. And you hair.. wow! I wish I had such long, gorgeous hair like you have. And for last, you’re a very inspiring woman. I’ve been reading your blog for a month and I just love it. To me, you have the perfect life. I know it might not be the best at all times, because who have that kind of life? But you live in LA, you are a model, beautiful hair and amazing clothes! Take care.

  5. fayeee says:

    I just read your interview, its great how you have the eager to have your own personal style and not to be sterotyped – it’s brillient! Thankyou for commenting on my blog and I would really love for us to both keep in touch and follow each other, it’s up to you let me know!
    Not like you have enough followers already in over two months 690|! WOWW! keep it up

    Faye x

  6. leeselooks says:

    hey gorgina!

    looking beautiful as ever.

    in love with your effortless + natural style.
    you simply have it.

    and dear- and your hair- it is insanely gorgeous

    hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    loves my girl.

  7. Valeriesoh says:

    Hey Nat,

    haven’t heard from you in a while!! how are things??

    Things in Hong Kong are hectic, we are having like a model revolt. because hk likes using the same few models over and over again. So, when I want to use someone else, there are no more damn models.

    shit. ahhahah
    hows your week!



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