Leather in a Field of Daisies

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Leather Jacket: Alberto Makali, Dress: Vintage Limited, Tights: DKNY, Booties: Bally, Bracelets: Sogoli and Vintage

Wearing my new favorite leather jacket, it has a perfect slim fit with nice structured shoulders. I’m seriously wearing this with everything nowadays. Nothing is better than a timeless leather jacket that’s worth the splurge. And I recently found this Limited dress at the new Goodwill on Beverly Boulevard and I love it! The green and brown colors are a fresh approach to the floral print. Neutrals are beginning to dominate my wardrobe this Fall. Speaking of Fall, it’s really beginning to feel like it. Chilly air, but with a little ray of sunshine. Perfection.

It’s almost the weekend and I am so excited! Hope everyone has a great Halloween night! Trick or Treat?

xoxo, Natalie

101 Responses to Leather in a Field of Daisies

  1. Daphne says:

    Don’t you love a perfect leather jacket? Mine is a motorcycle jacket with a million zippers and a belt and all that. It just makes you feel like a million bucks. And in your case, look like it too!

  2. gina says:

    The leather jacket and flowered dress are great together! Such different styles, the dress is sweet and the leather is tough, and they’re so interesting playing off each other.

  3. Valencia Lia says:

    Gorgeous jacket and surely worth the splurge ! Its a classic and such a timeless piece:)

    And it will go with everything that you wear! Adore the dress to with all the details,perfect.

    And those tights,I have a similar one too in plum. Guess its time to wear it out now:)

    Happy Halloween !

  4. Gmr says:

    Hi Natalie! Thanks for your comment and for all the nice words!!!
    I really love your hair!! Amazing!
    The striped top is from Guru,but the shoes….I bought them on a small shope and have no brand!
    Hope C U soon!!

  5. MissMI6 says:

    I love this!
    Oooh the tights are the perfect touch!
    OMg you met rob!!! OMG! Lol. sorry i dont check the comments too often on that blog u commented! Ooooh you have to link me to the photos haha!

  6. Raez says:

    woweee, i love this outfit, the tights make it work!

    and i always love looking at your outfits for inspiration, youve got great style:)

    would lvoe to swap links if youre interested!

    xx raez


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