Black Lace All Over Again

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Top: Vintage, Skirt: Vintage Levi’s, Shoes: Stefane Kelian, Hat: Urban Outfitters Rings: random

I’ve got this top on again… it’s my favorite vintage piece in my closet! Took these pics a few weeks ago, but I love them so much that I felt like posting them now. I’m smiling for once in a photo haha there are my pearly whites guys! This is one of my favorite hats, I have so many, yet there is so little time to actually wear them. This winter, I will try to make use of them more.

Rag & Bone

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Alexander Wang

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About NY Fashion Week, my favorites so far are Rag & Bone and Alexander Wang. Alex Wang’s collection makes me want to put my hair in one big messy side braid. Totally reminds me of my childhood where I always had some sort of braid going on… and my bangs of course! And I love that cargo green color at Rag & Bone. Those are the two collection I would actually wear. Can’t wait to see more 🙂

xoxo, Natalie

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  1. Kate Florence says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂 this is so strange, but I was going to blog about you cuz I loved your outfit you wore ar where ronson was djing! I love your style very much, its pretty similar to mine aswell 🙂 and I love your hair too. lol.
    thanks for the comment again! x

  2. the christy says:

    hi, thanks for commenting my blog:)
    and wow i have to say how much i LOVE your style!
    your blog is just great and i think i’m going to follow it!=]
    p.s wow, whats it like to be a model?!

    xxxx ^_^

  3. Chloe T says:

    Ah thanks for the comment so much, really appreciate it. 🙂
    And yes, I like it, haha. Love the photo of you and Rob on the sidebar as well, lol.
    I love Chloe the label as well, coincidence cause it’s my name too. 😀

    Completely love your lace top – the whole ensemble is great too as your whole outfit is black apart from the Levi’s. 🙂 You’re awesome!

  4. lou and una says:

    Hi Natalie! thanx so much for comment on our blog! having a look at your blog now loving it! And u met Robert Pattinson ! Im jelous! Also your hair is amazing!

    And yes the Chanel pic is gorgeous isnt it!

    Love all the way from Ireland lou and una x x

  5. Emilie says:

    You have a great sense of style! Love your blog! About NYFW, ALEXANDER WANG collection is AMAZING! And it makes me want a big messy side braid! And I’m in love with JILL STUART collection!


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