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I like my bedroom to be super minimal with a combination of whites and grey. This soft color palette really helps me rest each night. I like to invest in amazing bedding because it just makes me feel so good as I tuck myself to sleep each night! A gorgeous well-made bed really is something to put the time and effort into. I just spruced up my bedding with the amazing Kassatex New York. Founded in 1999 right here in the Garment District of NYC, Kassatex has a love for creating chic, luxury bed and bath products inspired by the classic and sleek NYC style. It’s superior comfort that is casual, affordable luxury. I went with their beautiful Mercer bedding. I fell in love with this clean waffle design. This cotton and linen combination creates a texture that instantly makes a simple white bedding, not so simple. Plus, the more pillows, the better! I topped off my set with a gorgeous baby alpaca throw in light grey and charcoal. It’s so important to invest in a good night’s sleep. I travel so much that I count on a good 8 hour sleep every night to get me through a jam packed day, or early call time. I like the feeling that little luxuries, like a brand new bed set, can bring. Kassatex New York is a believer in high quality bedding…and trust me, I’m all about high quality sleep. Take a little peek inside my NYC loft.

Read my interview with Kassatex New York here as well.

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It was always vintage Chanel that began my love for puffed sleeves, shoulder pads, and the tweed newsboy cap. I like to modernize that classic style with a handful of new emerging designers that also share that same love of vintage inspiration as me. Take this Tach satin blouse, Eugenia Kim cap, and suede Farah Asmar handbag. These three designers have completely given a fresh romantic take on pieces with a little blast from the past. This season, I’m leaning towards soft palettes and interesting textures. I find this to be a look I would have worn 10 years ago, and maybe one I would wear 10 years from now. As for my weekend, I have a Sunday completely off, meaning I get to bop around downtown with some quality sister time before heading to France on Tuesday. I live for my Sundays. This week was one filled with press days and a few exciting new campaign shoots which you probably could find on my Instagram. I now find so much joy in picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers with friends and strolling the gorgeous NYC streets. No agenda. No nothing. I’ll always appreciate these simple moments and quiet days that makes me fall in love with NYC over and over again.

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Deep down inside me always lived a ballerina. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. It’s a completely different form of expression and I love how cathartic it can be. I remember going to dance team and show choir practice with a feel of escapism at the end of a crazy school day. I would get outside of my own head. It strengthen both my body and my mind and increased my ability to focus. Memorizing a full routine and executing it with ease, grace, and emotion was the goal. Straight legs. Pointed toes. Shoulders down and back. Landing light on your feet. Jazz will always be my core form of dance, yet the idea of becoming a ballerina, with it’s elegance and precise form, always intrigued me. I got to imagine what being a modern ballerina would be like with amazing center seats at The American Ballet Theatre with the Tod’s team for a performance of Gisele, featuring the incredibly talented Roberto Belle. It’s nights like these in NYC that feel unreal. The performance was stunning. The shapes a simple choreography can create is pretty incredible with a cast of ballerinas in gorgeous white tulle skirts. I appreciate dance more and more, with a real craving to attend more live performances in the city. There’s so much to see and do in NYC, I always get overwhelmed. But there really is time to do it all. I slipped into this gorgeous black sequined trench dress by Each x Other for the night with a perfect Tod’s platform heel and studded bag. Super sleek and feminine, exactly how I imagined dressing for a ballet would be.

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My gorgeous Chanel bag is making another quick appearance. It makes it’s way out of it’s precious garment bag for work trips to Europe or special meetings and events in NYC. It’s time I start wearing it a little bit more. But for now, it’s Easter weekend and I’m all about living in yoga pants..full off-duty mode right now. It is officially the holiday weekend for me and though I will be editing in Premiere Pro with the team and reviewing projects (we have an intense week of shoots coming up), I am still very excited to sleep in on a Sunday and thoroughly enjoy my 24 hours of downtime. It may be spring in NYC, but the breeze is still cold enough to wrap myself up in a shearling coat and little leather gloves before heading out anywhere. I’ve had this stunning Coach jacket for a while now. I’ve never had it photographed, but I wear it so much. It remains a favorite staple piece in my coat closet. Slightly cropped, a little boxy, with an epic and unique mix of purples. You can probably tell that I’m constantly walking on the sunny side of the street and easing into spring by switching out my darks with my lights. Think a cropped off-white jean (I have a slight obsession with Mother Denim) and fun pops of color down to my socks. In NYC, we sort of skip spring and hop straight into summer. I will be anxiously awaiting that day and the smell of hot, steamy summer nights.

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