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Here it one more look from NYFW and can you believe the whole look is under $250? It was part of my collaboration with Amazon’s Style Code Live, and it was so good, I had to share it on the blog. I forget sometimes how heels make me feel. I used to only wear heels to castings (oh, the dread!) before slipping them off the moment I left the building to toss them in my bag. Towering over everyone used to scare me. I was long, lanky, and my confidence only showed what I was walking the runway, playing a different character. I guess I wasn’t so bad for a 15 year old. Now I have the confidence as a 5’10” woman to wear heels anytime I want. Sure I’m towering over just about every 6 foot guy in the city, but it still feels empowering. Oh, and of course your legs will look amazing. Luckily, the block heel trend doesn’t kill my feet at all. I actually prefer little dresses and stockings with the perfect block heel. I kept the rest of my look and the color palette sweet and neutral. A tiny, cotton shift dress and faux leopard coat. The beret and sheer fishnets tie it all together. Yep, and it’s all super affordable and won’t break the bank. Pieces to layer and wear over and over again. Now isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

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How was everyone’s first day of spring? I’m back in NY after what feels like a burst of back-to-back traveling but mentally, I’m still rocking this badass red swimsuit somewhere out in Mexico. Playing with shadows… jumping in the ocean…spending more time behind the lens than ever before. What more can a girl ask for? Every wild experience keeps me inspired to create and write and live and connect with you all. And we all know inspiration doesn’t always come easy after what feels like a long winter of hot toddy’s and oversized sweaters. Spring always gives me a rush of adrenaline and excitement. In with the new, out with the old…and not when it just comes to our closets. I’m excited for my new website (in the works), brand spankin’ new videos (subscribe now) and of course, Los Angeles (even for a few days for an upcoming shoot). Aaah, sunshine. Spring reminds me to take a little hop in my step and breathe a little more. Take more walks along the waterfront. Eat more fresh fruits. Spend more time with friends. Sing more. Take another dance class. Move more. Be inspired. I know, I know…my agenda is crazier than ever lately, and how could I do it all?! Sometimes I can’t even find the time to take that much-needed 1 hour pilates class. But I’m always working for that balance. I like that everyday feels different, especially when waking up in a new city. Tulum was a perfect getaway. I biked every single day. I lived in a bikini and loved the skin I was in, and embraced my body and it’s imperfections. No care in the world. Like I always say, imperfection is beauty. Say hello to spring!


// Mikoh swimsuit, Cluse watch, Shashi NYC bracelets, Teva sandals //



I’m finally onto the last day of PFW, and it’s certainly time to keep things a bit more simple before boarding my next flight. A clean, fresh striped shirt… jeans that hug in all the right places…and amazing suede booties. But something’s missing. Yes, a beret. A French staple. This past winter I’ve traded in my Russian hats and fluffy beanies for a classic beret. Easy, and oh, so chic. The key to Parisian style is making jeans, a beret, and shirt feel elegant. Especially for lunch at the extra elegant hotel, The Peninsula. But it wasn’t before long I hit the Parisian streets only to get stuck in the rain, without a map. I had to stop a Parisian to ask where on Earth I can turn to walk to the Tour de Eiffel. He showed me where, and recommended to take a second route…”the chic side of the street.” Perfect.


// Sandro Paris shirt, Sandro Paris jeans, Sandro Paris suede boots, Sandro Paris red bag, Goorin hat //

24 hours in the perfect slip dress by SPLENDID


When I go to grab a dress, day or night, it’s a complete no-brainer to go for a simple slip dress. It shows just enough skin to be sexy for night but is also the perfect layering piece for day. I love wearing pieces that are transitional. Day to night. Winter to spring. I grew up with Splendid as a California native. I love easy, breezy cottons. I love beautiful neutral colors. Laid back to perfection. I love anything that can be worn and used in multiple ways. The slip dress is definitely my thing. You can’t find anything more flattering. I took my new olive slip dress for a crazy long day in the city. For my lunch meeting, I let a bit of my eccentric personality show in my look. A silky button down under my dress. Topped off with an extra long wool coat and my favorite retro sunglasses. When I’m working with classic shapes, I let my colors and textures go wild! I had a few moments to stop back at my home in Dumbo, Brooklyn to change for a quick cocktail hour pre-NYFW. It seems everyone who I work with is in and out of NYC all of the time. Meet-ups for me happen on the regular! There are too many people to see and catch up with. I had about 30 minutes to change, get ready, and add a little more twist to my hair. I simply wore the dress alone and added in a bold scarf, and feathered jacket. Voila. 24 hours in the perfect slip dress by Splendid.


// Splendid slip dress //