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1 pant, 2 ways…

There is something so wonderful about tomboy basics. When I got out of the water here in Nicaragua, I spent a lot of time hanging out in my treehouse in this look: an amazing Banana Republic crew knit, denim jacket, and tuxedo pant. Our spot in Nicaragua was barefoot luxury at it’s core. The best thing about this look is that it moves and it breathes. I could sit in this exact spot all day, curled up in a ball in my rocking chair with the most incredible view of our bay. The monkeys would come and go throughout the day. The birds constantly saying hello on my doorstep each morning. Nicaragua is wonderful in that it feels untouched. Beautiful in it’s most raw and natural state. It’s in the spring that I gravitate towards simplicity in both my surroundings and what I put on my body. These wild escapes always make me feel closer to earth.

Then, there is my city style. I am a woman who feels powerful in a pair of good pants and it’s funny, I don’t travel anywhere without a classic pair. Back in the city, this simple tomboy look immediately transitions into business woman chic with just a popping pair of platform heels and my favorite Banana Republic trench. There will always be the ease from my tropical travels that translate into my city uniform…think salty beach waves and a tangerine lip. By minimizing my wardrobe down to it’s very essentials, I start to look at my classics with a whole new perspective, giving it new life.

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The new Cuyana Mini Circle belt bag is selling out so fast…so it’s time to go grab one here! It also comes in black, meaning you can match it with just about any look this coming season. Cuyana is my go-to brand for everyday leather essentials. They’re incredibly well-made and minimal, exactly what I like to keep on me at all times. This belt bag is best complete with a suit and vintage car of course. Wear it slung low on your hips with a dress, or like here, right on your waistline over a jacket or with your favorite high waisted bottoms. I was just leaving Palm Springs for LA when I stumbled up on this absolutely adorable vintage car shop sitting on a sunny corner off the main road. An old tan Mercedes Benz along with my tan suit seemed like a little match made in desert heaven. I kept things neutral, once again becoming a chameleon and matching my sandy surroundings. I have survived my 8th Coachella in a row and was ready to make my way out of the party scene and drive back to reality at my family’s home in Los Angeles. We stumbled upon this little part of town dedicated to antiquing. There’s an ease and slow pace in Palm Springs that we tend to forget about surrounding festival season. As the crowds of party-pooped festival-goers make their way to in-n-out burger and past the sandy windmills, Palm Springs remains just as calm and quiet as it’s always been. I savored these last few moments of the desert sun in a town that takes the old, and makes it still feel new again. See you next year Coachella.

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Attending the Sacai show at Paris Fashion Week was a serious treat. This dress is just as dark and mysterious as my then, extra dark brown locks. The show was in a huge garage in Paris. Think runway models sashaying up and down between floors 4 and 6 in incredible long gray layers with added pops of blue and purple. The amazing thing with Sacai is the play of textures and the super small details. Take a closer look and you’ll notice this stunning belt, a sexy sheer skirt panel, and little lace neckline. A bit of Parisian goth against the romantic city streets. Right now, I’m currently in LA in the midst of festival season. I have since swapped out my luxurious fashion week dresses with denim overalls and tee-shirts to beat the California desert heat. Paris will always take me into this alternate universe, where I can play different characters in support of my favorite designers. I sure miss Paris, but I’m so excited to go back as the weather warms up so I can roam free sans jacket.

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The Suarez Sisters love our Sundays. Sundays are meant to feel easy. We like to stay around our Dumbo, Brooklyn pads and soak in all that our neighborhood has to offer. As for what I wear on the weekends? Anything that moves freely and feels soft to touch on my skin. I’m so excited to share our Joie Sunday Girl story and interview, featuring both Dylana and I. This was shot on a very rainy, gloomy day here in the city in and around our homes. We got to chat with the team on how we got our start, how we work together yet seem to differentiate ourselves (especially with what we wear), and what our perfect Sunday in the city looks like. The amazing thing about this feature is getting to reflect on our growth as both individuals and a sister duo. We took the latest Joie spring collection and layered it up, styling it in our very own eclectic way. I have worn Joie for as long as I can remember and I love how the designs have evolved and grown with me…always classic, sophisticated, French chic with everything: joie de vivre.

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