2018, let’s be magical. Like with every new year, I begin with a cleanse. First it begins in my home. I go through ever drawer, every cabinet, every unopened box, letter, and email. Organization. Spotless. I’ve got palo santo wood…sage…whatever I can burn to really bring in the positive energies. Out with the old. In with the new. My closet becomes a lot more tidy. I’ve got my “to shoot” racks of clothing for my team and I to go through and then I’ve got my “keeping forever and ever” closet of classics and essentials. Everything needs to be in place. As the new year begins, I’m suddenly eating healthier and hitting the gym every single day. I’ve never felt so sore in my entire life, but I’m loving that feeling of releasing energy, and keeping on my toes. The idea of a fresh, clean slate inspires me. When my home, my work space, and body feel so in tune, so does my mind. Now is a time to think, what can I improve on? What makes me happy? What should I be doing this year that helps me reach my highest potential? Time to remember why we’re here.

As for work, I’ll always keep dreaming. Work continues to throw things my way that I never even thought possible. Each year brings new and exciting campaigns…new travels…a newfound love for what I do. Every year brings a new challenge, a new and improved focus. I love keeping that spark alive with whatever shoot I’m on, or right here, when I’m writing you a little note. I get to do this, create, and share with all of you a little bit of inspiration every single day. But it’s all about the journey of getting to where you are that’s important. Motivation. Those baby steps. Those giant leaps. Those hurdles. Those very life-changing decisions. Leaving your comfort zone. They add up to what makes you, you. Your relationships with the people you spend time with every day. Your mindset. How you’re managing your time. Now is a time more than ever to be unified, and celebrate togetherness. 2018 is going to be about sticking true to my gut, being fearless, and taking it all to the next level. I’m wishing you all a new year of strength, positivity, happiness, love, and prosperity. Go out and make your dreams come alive. Don’t let anyone tell you no. The work will be worth it. Just remember: spread a little light wherever you go.

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