I’ve always embraced the power of pink and fell madly in love when I spotted this bag at Gucci. This color always brings a smile to my face. To me, pink is girl power. It’s youthful, but sleek and feminine. This color immediately reminded me of my childhood and the Bubble Tape gum I would smack in the back of class. It’s Barbie pink. I wear this new Gucci bag with absolutely everything, but I love it most with a full off-white look for a long day of meetings. I’ve been traveling nearly every single week, and so when I’m back home in NYC, I get all my meetings done back to back. Jeans, sweater, super long coat. Done. These basics never have to be boring. I say go with one neutral color and a pop of something unexpected.

I did also want to give a special thanks to all the lovely ladies who came out to the Create + Cultivate conference in Florida this weekend to hear Dylana and I speak. Our panel was all about how to turn your passions into your career. Having been working for over 10 years as a model, and transitioning as one of the first fashion bloggers in this social media/digital blog space, I’ve seen this industry change so, so much. Continuing to be fresh every single day is always worth all of the hard work…from the long hours of shooting, writing, and coming up with new ideas for collaborations and partnerships. I say take pride in whatever it is that you do and represent and always believe in quality versus quality. There’s no real strategy when it comes to running your own brand. Having this digital space is so amazing, but even more amazing when I get to bring it to life and meet my readers in person…so thank you for being your amazing YOU.


// AYR coat, Vintage sweater, AG jeans, Dr. Marten boots, GUCCI bag //

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