With the NYC heat, your kind of forced to experiment. I mean, I love a good denim cut off short and crop top, but that too, needs a break. I love layering and I love playing with different textures and fabrics, but let’s be real, it’s feeling HOT, HOT, HOT. That’s when I grab a breathable netted ank, and a FULL, printed skirt. Who knew polka dots and plaid would be such a perfect combination? This is one of my ecclectic summer looks, and one of my asbsolute favorites. Complete with the COMFORTABLE silver Birk-inspired sandal. This time, I’ll letting all aspects of my look make a statement.
// Robert Rodriguez tank, Banana Republic x Marimekko skirt (similar), Aritzia plaid shirt, Gentle Souls sandals, Finlay & Co sunglasses, Marie Turnor backpack//

*Streetstyle shot caught in MidTown by On Abbot Kinney*

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47 Responses to SEEING DOTS

  1. Ivana Split says:

    so fresh! I do love how you combined those sandals (all casual) and that see trough top (all rock) with that fabulous polka dot skirt (that to me screams vintage chic)….very original and beautiful combo…and you’re just like a breath of fresh air!

  2. Rossana Suarez says:

    wow so beautiful face body and everything perfect should be seeing you more in store and billboard girl. you are so much better than the so called “super model”, you sing, dance and a writer and a total genius.


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