(Original Penguin sunglasses, VEDA leather jacket, UNIF shirt (similar), REISS trousers, Kate Spade Saturday handbag, Modern Vice boots)
I’ve been traveling so much for work recently. NYC to SAN FRANCISCO to TEXAS…next stop? LA! I’ve still got loads to show you. Here, I’m snapped in TOO STUNNING FOR WORDS, San Francisco, just after a long day of shooting (more on that soon!) and my off duty essential happens to this VEDA leather jacket. It’s the perfect amount of boxy and pebbled leather. Rock n’ roll to the MAX! A tee, a good trouser, and perfect patent black boot is all I need in my carry-on. Anyways, San Francisco always warms my heart. It’s such a romantic and beautiful city. Driving up and down the slopey streets, I can’t help but poke my head out the window and stare at the candy coloured townhomes, lined up like the rainbow. To have a break from the NYC winter was just what I needed. After a shoot, I’m always back in my hotel, throwing on the nearest tank and tossing my hair in a loose low bun. Before the sun went down over the bay, I took a stroll thorugh downtown. I had my parents crash in my hotel. I mean, the room was literally a suite and could fit about 10, but it was fun having a slumber party with my MUM and getting ready with her before a day of work! I spent my off days adventuring with the parentals….complete with sleepy drives down the coast, and fish and chips along the boardwalk. Soaking in one of our favorite cities. 
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  1. Diane says:

    these photos are so great! i’m heading to SF for the first time ever in about a week and a half from now…and i’m SO excited for my first cali experience. my husband lived in SF for 3 years and loved every minute of it. can’t wait for him to show me his old stomping grounds…which i’m sure are so polar opposite from the NYC i’m so used to.
    do you have any places you recommend that i check out while there???

  2. Nathan Moy says:

    I miss SANFRANNNN!! Those lapels on the biker are mega mega coooooool! <3 By the way, I just upload one of my MOST POPULAR POST of my attendance to THE CHANEL SHOPPING CENTER in PARIS! Seriously! Go see how I play with Coco cookie boxes, play with RIHANNA, and push around a Chanel shopping cart and shop like an insatiable looter! It was my highlight of Paris Fashion Week. <3 #CHANEL

    xx The Provoker

  3. Run With Fashion says:

    LOOOVE SAN FRAN HOMES!!! I’ve been to san fran couple times in my teens, its a cool place but I just can’t stand the weather >.<
    I love your leather jacket, real nice and I love the picture of you smiling or laughing, it’s cute and fun!
    How cute that your parents joined you 🙂

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